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3rd Quarter 2016

Read our new series! How has the LCC Network positively affected the business, image, employees and/or profits of different LCC travel agencies around the world? We are a diverse network, but not every tactic that might work in South America can be applied in Eastern Europe or other countries. In this series, we are collecting interviews with LCC members who have shared their personal experience with the LCC brand. We start off with Robert de Graaff from LCC Albatross in Thailand.

LCC Colleagues Discover the World

Beatrice's Adventures in Sao Paulo

How my Journey Started

"Bea discovers the world" – this has been my motto since I finished high school and started studying and working. From my small town, there are not too many people leaving Germany to travel but since I was little, I always wanted to see the big wide world.

Therefore, I started studying in Frankfurt, the gate to the world or at least one of the German cities with an international airport, to escape whenever a chance came up. Lufthansa City Center was for me and my eagerness to learn, see and hear about different cultures the best place to work.

I enjoy every meeting with our wonderful colleagues and listen to their stories of life, how business is built and how interactions work globally. Like a person addicted to books that barely manages to leave them aside, I am addicted to our LCC members in the same way.

I had 5 wonderful years in Frankfurt, but then my adventurous mind and my curiosity pushed me forward asking myself: What would it be like to live abroad and experience all that I have heard stories about? Wouldn’t it be exciting living in the same country as our LCC? You might imagine that the choice was hard to take, from China to Africa and from Europe to Latin America – you inspired me all.

However, my two white spots on the map have been Asia and Latin America. And because of the nature, the culture, food and climate, I choose Brazil. I came up with the idea to experience the country as a student, ready for a daily life in Brazil and doing my MBA, instead of just being a traveler.

My First Resumé after 6 Months

It is amazing! Have you ever wondered why Latinos are so kind, open-minded and warm-hearted? Simply visit them and you will easily find out.

Being welcomed in the city of cultures was heaven for me. In the beginning, I was eager to find out how typical Brazilians look but soon I realized that in a city full of different cultures, everyone lives the Brazilian lifestyle.

For my mind, this was something to get used to: seeing Japanese, Irish, African, Italian people where you would never have guessed they are Brazilians, speaking fluently Portuguese and having family here for more than two generations already.

Have you ever thought of a culinary paradise? Then you need to come visit me. Since I arrived here, I have to admit that the Brazilian desserts and sweets are my weak spot: doce de leite, brigadeiro, beijinhos, etc.

It makes me laugh when I think that I have to take care that I do not end up like a “pao de queijo” with such a variety of local and international food. This must be why people here are obsessed with fitness. Everywhere, you see people working out in parks, at the beach or wherever you go.

LCC Colleagues Discover the World

Beatrice's Adventures in Sao Paulo

Since I started to discover some spots in Brazil, I can also tell you that my list of things to do simply keeps growing rather than shrinking. However, here are some of my first highlights that I want to share with you:

  • Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

Two cities with two different hearts in one country. You might assume that both cities with their millions of citizens might be similar, especially as they are quite close to one another, but the truth is they aren’t. Sao Paulo has a clear business focus and Rio de Janeiro on leisure; locals describe that this difference is caused by the closeness to the beach, but even the mindset of the people is different. Both cities have so much to offer, never sleep and are always changing. If you thought a graffiti on the wall is permanent, watch out a week later: it might be replaced with something new and more colourful, addressing the current situation of the city.

  • The Olympic Games

If you have ever been to a sports event, then you know that there is a special spirit that brings people of all kinds together to live one passion. Even with the rumours and press surrounding the games, as soon as you entered the city, you’ve been on a wave and living the Olympic idea. I had the chance to see two beach volleyball games in the arena at the Copacabana Brazil vs China (female) and Qatar vs Russia (male). Even now if I think of it, I still get goose bumps. The combination of beach, sea and spirit of sports is incredible. Hospitality, openness, kindness and happiness will be the characteristics that accompany my memory of a once in a lifetime experience.

  • The Amazon

Did you know that the majority of Brazilians have never been to the Amazon themselves? It is interesting when it takes you longer to get to a spot within your own country (Amazon 4-5hrs) rather than visiting your neighbour countries like Chile, Argentina, etc (1-3 hrs). Set up as a study trip to get to know the local companies, the working style and how the government supports social projects and protects the area, we still had some time to also experience the rainforest itself. Similar to the locals, we took a ferry from Manaus to Anavilhanas and went on boat trip. We did some hiking and swimming in the Amazon and we saw the tributaries with a sea plane.

Travelling opens your mind, broadens your horizons and makes you richer. However, opening up for another culture than your own and learning the language is way more intense that whatever a short vacation trip can offer. Still having the idea of our job exchange of our LCC network in mind, this would be a chance to get involved, learn more, experience the difference and gain as much knowledge as possible for your own business.

My head right now is a pure creativity pool and my motivation exceeds the 100% bar. Even while managing the challenge of working, studying and discovering life, there is so much energy left that will make each challenge a possible solution.

Warm greetings from Sao Paulo!


Travel Blog made by LCC

Cape Town: Trip of My Lifetime

The storm is blowing heavily around the Drommedaris’ sails and the spume is spraying across the railing of the Oostindiëvaarder. The Dutch East India Company has already lost numerous ships in the wayward ocean currents of the Cape of Good Hope. Thus, Jan van Riebeeck is now sailing with orders to establish a supply station ahead of the cape which ships can head for in bad weather to wait for better conditions.

For this endeavour, the sheltered Table Bay appears ideal to him and so he founds Kaapstad there in 1652. Nowadays, Cape Town is a bustling metropolis and our starting point for a nearly 4,500 km trip through Southern Africa.

A Bus Tour Through Cape Town

To get a better overview of the city, we start our discovery with a hop-on-hop-off sightseeing bus. Three lines cover the centre and the suburbs comprehensively. I like sightseeing buses as the usually well made explanations give you lots of information on country and people. This is ideal as an introduction to a completely new destination.

And so we learned that Cape Town had flourished under the Dutch for about 150 years until the Cape Province was conquered by the British. Only in 1961 did South Africa gain its complete independence.

The colonial past can still be seen today in many buildings. Next to the modern skyscrapers in the city centre many small houses in Victorian or Gregorian styles line the streets.

If you are looking for even more British colonial style, you should take a look at the old city hall whose construction materials were almost entirely imported from the UK. From even earlier, the old fort erected by van Riebeeck does also still exist.

Exclusive Villas and Beautiful Beaches

The bus circles the Table Mountain and we reach Cape Town’s posh suburbs. Camps Bay, Clifton or Bantry Bay are just some of the illustrious names. Multi-storeyed villas directly at the beach, big cars, model shootings, surfers’ paradise – living here, you have got it made.

The wonderful beach is framed by the back side of the Table Mountain massif. The jagged rock spurs are called 12 apostels – though there are at least 17 if you count thoroughly.

Travel Blog made by LCC

Cape Town: Trip of My Lifetime

The Victoria & Alfred Waterfront

My most favourite place in Cape Town surely is the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront. Two no longer used harbour basins have been transformed into an entertainment area that offers everything. Countless restaurants, street artists, shops, a Ferris wheel and a marina – there is something for everyone. Furthermore, from here we have magnificent views on the Table Mountain in the evening sun.

Hence, the quarter absolutely invites to go with the flow for a while and to stop here and there to watch. The area is really huge. Security guards are placed in regular distances and right at the exit there is a taxi stand so that you can enjoy life far beyond nightfall here.

The Table Mountain: Cape Town’s Majestic Emblem

What would Cape Town be without the Table Mountain?

This question will remain unanswered but undoubtedly the 1.085 metres high landmark is inseparably linked to the city.  The approach is already a highlight. Curve by curve the road winds up to the lower station of the cable car and unveils more and more views over Cape Town. Strong winds blow on and around the mountain. If they become too extreme, the gondola has to stop operations.

During the ascent the gondola rotates a full 360°. Hence, even when it’s full you will get great views to either side. After having reached the top, the full panorama unfolds in front of us in its entire beauty. Several paths lead over the plateau and allow views in all directions. We start counter-clockwise. At first, we see the small beach suburbs we have already passed through yesterday. They are crowned by the Lion’s Head. Right in front of us some courageous mountaineers abseil right at the mountain’s steep face. Surely not that easy with the strong winds up here.

Elephants up here? Well, almost ...

On the terrace we also make the acquaintance of the dassie, a domestic mammal. Almost tame and used to people they come to the terrace through small holes in the wall in order to look for food remains. Their family tree is hard to believe: their closest relative is the African elephant. However, optically this cannot be seen. We watch the cute animals for a while and then continue our path.

Cape Town furthermore is an excellent starting point for day tours to the hinterland. The Garden Route, the Cape Peninsula or the vineyards around Stellenbosch can easily be reached from here.

What can I say – the city is well worth a visit you shouldn’t miss! Our LCC GIN Reynolds Travel will gladly help you with making your arrangements. For further pictures of the trip also check out my Instagram channel @reiseblitz.


Conde Naste Traveler Survey

The 25 Best Cities in the World

The Conde Naste Traveler Magazine has done a survey among its readers and presented the Top 25 Cities in the World to visit.


1. Florence, Italy - Though Rome is Italy’s much beloved capital and Milan has serious cosmopolitan clout, Florence remains unrivaled in history, art, and architecture (its beauty and cuisine don’t hurt, either).

2. Budapest, Hungary - Explore the Hungarian capital’s spa culture with thermal baths built in the 16th and 17th century, and make sure to pay a visit to the ornate New York Kávéház for coffee and a pastry.

3. Vienna, Austria - Artistic, exquisite, and largely shaped by its musical and intellectual foundations, Austria’s capital and largest city is packed with culture.

4. Sydney, Australia- Australia’s biggest city is an ideal getaway no matter the season. Whatever the season, get spectacular views of the city from Sydney Tower’s glass viewing platform.

5. Paris, France - With iconic landmarks, world-class museums, cobblestone streets, charming cafes, historic buildings and its famed Left and Right Banks, the city is firmly established as one of the most beautiful in the world.

6. Rome, Italy - Experience la dolce vita in all of its forms in Rome, a capital with seemingly endless sights, sounds and tastes worthy of a return trip


7. Prague, Czech Republic - Picturesque Prague beats with a bohemian heart: Here, there are a bevy of museums and architectural marvels that are a testament to the city’s artistic and intellectual foundations.

8. Bruges, Belgium - Characterized by cobblestone streets and canals, much of Bruges’s immaculately preserved old city was built between the 12th to 15th centuries: As a result, it’s not hard to feel like you’re in a medieval fairy-tale here

9. Kyoto, Japan - Take a step back in time in Kyoto, Japan’s imperial capital, where you can visit 10th-century temples and pass young geishas in the street.


10. Jerusalem, Israel - Long a place of religious pilgrimage for Christians, Jews and Muslims, Jerusalem is now drawing a different sort of pilgrim: the global traveler.

11. Salzburg, Austria - Made famous by Mozart (and the Von Trapps), classic Salzburg sits divided by the Salzach River: Its pedestrian Old City lines its left bank, and the 19th-century comprises the right.

12. Venice, Italy - Venice is simply a marvel: A city built on water, its labyrinth of car-free cobblestone streets and hidden passageways are perfect for wandering—even getting lost here is magical.

Conde Naste Traveler Survey

The 25 Best Cities in the World

13. Barcelona, Spain - From the mountains to the beach, and from the historic to the contemporary, sunny Barcelona has it all.

14. Tokyo, Japan - The Japanese city of Tokyo is a mix of contradictions, from ultramodern, neon-lit skyscrapers to tranquil temples, historic shrines, and expansive forests.

15. Cape Town, South Africa - South Africa’s most cosmopolitan city is famous for many things: majestic beaches, design influencers, and breathtaking Table Mountain among them.

16. Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Windmills, cycling, cheese, storied facades, Van Gogh, and canals are all part of Amsterdam’s storied charm, but there’s more to the Dutch capital than its most apparent associations.

17. Lucerne, Switzerland - With its covered bridges, turreted buildings, and picturesque, colorful Old Town, Lucerne is storybook Swiss.

18. Vancouver, Canada - Seaport Vancouver has a competitive and creative arts scene, rugged natural beauty and no shortage of things to do.

19. Edingburgh, Scotland - Beloved for its green hills and fascinating history, Edinburgh is a unique capital in Western Europe.

20. Siena, Italy  - For fans of medieval architecture, Siena is hard to beat.

21. Madrid, Spain - The magic of Madrid is best captured on foot, strolling through the streets, stopping in a museum or sitting for a drink at La Alemana, a historic bar once frequented by Ava Gardner and Ernest Hemingway.

22. Quebec City, Canada  - Hilltop Quebec City is a town for all seasons. Explore Quebec City’s UNESCO World Heritage–listed Old Town, brush up on your military history at the citadel atop Cap Diamant, and head to the Quartier Petit-Champlain for pedestrian-only streets and artisan boutiques.

23.Victoria, Canada - As a former British colony, Victoria retains stately mansions and picturesque gardens perfect for walking and gazing.

24. Singapore - Once one of the most important commercial centers of the British Empire, Singapore today is a bustling metropolis with a growing contemporary-art scene, new hotels, and a feast of flavors.

25. Stockholm, Sweden - One of the world’s most beautiful capitals, Stockholm isn’t just picturesque: It’s also the cultural, political, media, and economic center of Sweden.


Your Trusted Incoming Partners

Win with LCC GIN

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LCC Services Intl. in Delhi, India

Win with our Cash Bonus, that gives you 1% back from LCC GIN transactions. But, we've also created the chance for you to win even if you haven't reached our bonus goal.

Check out another winner: Arianna Berluti, who won with LCC GIN at the Employee Forum. And don't forget our other two wonderful winners from the Destination Webinars.

And it doesn't stop here. LCC GIN helps you keep winning knowledge and prizes by attending our upcoming webinars!

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WIN: LCC GIN at LCC Employee Forum
We held a fun and interactive workshop with the German National Tourist Board and Frankfurt Airport and built the optimal trip using website tools and functions.

R.Clever (LCC GIN) & A. Berluti

At the end of the night, one lucky winner came out on top: Ms. Arianna Berluti from LCC Las Viaggi, Italy. She took home a pair of Beats by Dr. Dre Headphones from our random drawing! Congrats!

WIN: Destination Webinar Winners
Congratulations to Ms. Emi Wortman, LCC Signum Travel in Mexico and Ms. Magda Karavassili, LCC GSS International in Greece, our winners of our €50 random drawing for participation.

Our next €50 contest runs from August to December! Earn chances to win by attending the following webinars:

Meet our LCC GIN Sellers!
LCC General Assembly
10th to 13th November 2016
Rome, Italy             Appts.:

Who is taking your bookings?

The Faces of LCC GIN

Sheila Tshultrim, Bhutan
LCC Global Incoming Network
Atlas Tour & Travel
+975 77397832

Who I am
I love to hike and explore new places by travelling and meeting new people.

Favorite LCC GIN Offer
Unique Bhutan. Discover the famous Tiger's Lair with your own eyes and visit some of the oldest Buddhist shrines in the world.

Why book with LCC Atlas Tour & Travel
Atlas Tour & Travel is a leading tour operator in Bhutan. We have been in the tourism business for more than 20 years and we have a professional team ready to offer different packages for tour programs and unique services. We go out of our way to make our customers happy and satisfied.

Vinay Maheshwary, India
LCC Global Incoming Network
Services International
+91 11 41050560

Who am I
Since 1977, tourism has been my life's passion. Although there have been a lot of ups and downs in the travel trade since '77, one gets so addicted to tourism that it's not possible to leave this industry.

My favourite LCC GIN offer
Golden Triangle Circuit.  The mystery magic and magnificent diversity - Incredible India the well known holiday destinations offers a unique culture, ancient heritage, pristine backwaters, rich wildlife and exotic cuisines with a historical backdrop of 5,000 years.

Why book with LCC Services International
With over 30 years’ experience in the travel industry, we understands the interests and needs of your clients. We are the premier incoming agency for India with 24/7 operations and our own transport fleet. We have a team of professional multilingual staff will ensure of a memorable holiday in India or many neighbouring countries.

Stefan Tourdiev, Turkey
LCC Global Incoming Network
Covo Seyahat
+90 212 2163310 Ext. 120

Who I am
Born in Istanbul 54 years ago and still living in this beautiful city. I worked at Sabena Belgian Airlines for more than 25 years and now, I'm working the other side of the table at Covo Seyahat as the General Manager for 11 years. My philosophy of life is "enjoy life, live the way you want to live, do things what makes you happy as much as you can when you still feel young and be grateful for all.’’

My favourite LCC GIN Offer
Istanbul & Cappadocia. It's such a unique place to visit for couple of days in Turkey! I guarantee you will not be disappointed with the beauties of the landscape in all seasons.

Why book with LCC Covo Seyahat
We are reliable, fast, problem-solvers and we dedicate the same attention to all type of requests regardless of the volume. Big or small - we take care of you! Our references are our LCC partners who we have worked with and who we still work with!

Who is taking your bookings?

The Faces of LCC GIN

Roberts Zabello, Latvia
LCC Global Incoming Network
Ansbergs Travel
+371 29188966

Who I am
As the Head of the Incoming Department, I personally take care of requests. I speak English and Latvian and with over 20 years experience in the business, you can be sure that whatever you need in Latvia, we can do for you.

Favourite LCC GIN Offer
Discover Unique Kurzeme Coast of Baltic Sea. The coast of Kurzeme is an enchanting place for those who love wild nature – you can walk along the sea for hours without meeting a single person.

Why book with Ansbergs Travel
We specialize mainly in business/corporate travel and individual leisure tours. Since we joined LCC GIN, we we developing incoming for groups and individuals as well. We are always changing, adopting new tendencies and being flexible to adapt to changing market factors. We are there for your and there for your clients.

Martin Sanudo, USA
LCC Global Incoming Network
+1 754 201 3870

Who I am
I was born in New York from Argentinian parents and grew up in Paris. After living in Brazil, Spain, Argentina and Dom. Rep., I settled down in Florida. I enjoy discovering the world off the beaten tracks.

My favourite LCC GIN offer
New York Mice Trip. New York is my favourite city and this offer will allow your group to experience the best of it. From a meet & greet with the cast of a Broadway show to a farewell dinner inside the American Museum of Natural History, we will be there to put together the best tailor made program for your clients in the Big Apple.

Why book with LCC Ozum
We are the official travel and event agency for many multinational companies, taking care of their travel needs, conventions, meetings and incentive trips. Our philosophy is to adapt to the needs of our clients and offer them unique experiences.

Luca Arioli, Italy
LCC Global Incoming Network
Intertravel Viaggi
+39 055 280706

Who I am
As General Manager, I help run a dynamic DMC that provides a wide variety of services for individuals and groups. We provide superior value and authentic cultural experiences for private luxury vacations with all services available.

Favourite LCC GIN Offer
Renaissance Conspiracy. We can organize a private tour to see Paolo Uccello's clock in the Duomo in Florence, as well as to the forbidden Sacristy, where Lorenzo the Magnificent survived an assassination attempt.

Why book with LCC Intertravel Viaggi
We have an incoming group focused on exclusivity, understated luxury and above all, meticulous attention to detail. Our team of passionate and caring staff manages every aspect of each adventure to ensure the highest quality and to provide your client with comfortable, stress-free travel.

LCC GIN Concierge: Lebanon

Secrets of Lebanon

Lebanon 2 Lebanon has a wealth of outdoor and beach activities for visitors to enjoy. Our warm Mediterranean waters are a sight to see.

Lebanon 1

Lebanese people love to enjoy a vibrant “mezeh” scattered about a tabletop surrounded by friends whose fingers are dipped in all plates.
The tradition starts at 1 p.m. and no one leaves the table before 5 p.m.

Lebanon 3 The Mt. Lebanon Mountains welcomes snow-lovers from the entire world to visit our world-class resorts and slopes.

Lebanon. Caught in the middle of a changing world and incredible tradition, it has become the melting pot for cultures, politics and food in the last decades.

We had the pleasure of speaking to native Mirna Noueihed of our LCC GIN The Travel Club from the capital in Beirut.

Give us a brief intro to LCC The Travel Club.

LCC The  Travel Club enhances your travel experience by providing you with personalized and tailor-made leisure experiences, corporate and group travel, as well as planning local and overseas corporate events, weddings and honeymoons. You can choose from a variety of upscale set packages or simply select a special travel, destination, or activity interest and leave the rest to us.

Tell us about your choice to become an LCC GIN Seller.

LCC The Travel Club was one of the first agencies that joined LCC GIN, since it started from scratch. We were enthusiastic about becoming part of the LCC GIN family the day we were all gathered at the General Assembly in Dubai 2014 and we confirmed our participation.

Abseiling in Lebanon

Nowadays life goes by too fast, and we are really in need to always have great connections across the entire world all over. The LCC Global Incoming Network gives us the opportunity to explore the world faster and to provide our services to LCC members who want to send their clients to beautiful Lebanon.

What's one of your favorite things about Lebanese people?

Despite the unstable situation that Lebanese citizens go through, they always find a way to smile. We have learned that life goes on, no matter how hard it gets. We have learned to love life, even when death is near and we have taught ourselves to smile, even when we are in tears. Life in Lebanon is difficult, but we thrive.

What are some fun facts about Lebanon?

  • Lebanon is the only Arab country that doesn't have a desert.
  • Lebanon's name has been around for 4,000 years and is consequently the oldest
    nation name in the world!
  • There's 1 doctor per 10 people in Lebanon. In Europe & America, there's 1 doctor per 100 people.
  • We have 3.5M Lebanese people living in Lebanon, but we have 10M abroad!

Mirna Noueihed

Tips for Visitors:

  • Family is important
    Being an open-minded and modern country, Lebanon encourages independence in our youth and Lebanese families are known for being loving and supportive.
  • Beautiful women
    Lebanese women are famous for their looks, yet we aren't shallow and superficial. In fact, we are smart and are able to achieve and to inspire.

Jeitta Grotto

  • Taxi Drivers
    As weird as it sounds, Lebanese taxi drivers are known for being the most talkative people in the whole country. Not only do they introduce themselves or ask you briefly about your job, but they also talk to you about the politics and the economy.

Beirut’s wild nightlife

  • Nightlife                                                                                                                                                                  
    To those who have been to Ibiza, St. Tropez, Miami and other nightlife hotspots, consider visiting Lebanon. Visit “White” or “Iris” to party in Beirut with people from all over the globe.
  • Religious Diversity
    In Lebanon, we have two houses that we share with affection and respect: the mosque and the church. You’ll often find them one next to the other. On Friday, we listen to the sound of the mosque and on Sunday we listen to the bell of the church. However, Lebanon doesn’t only have Muslims and Christians. It is, in fact, the most religiously diverse country in the Middle East, with 18 state-recognized religious sects. Although it is hard, they learn to live with each other every day.

Interested in visiting Lebanon?

Contact Mirna Noueihed at or
call her at +961 1 428 999.

LCC Employee Forum

"Smyls" on more than 55 Faces

"Smyls" on more than 55 faces: that was the result of the LCC Employee Forum 2016 that took place from 21st to 22nd July. And here are some more numbers for you:  we had 20 male and 35 female participants from 28 different nationalities with an age range of 55 years!

In four different workshops and one team building activity, the LCC employees learned more about LCC products, marketing and suppliers. The LCC Mascot Smyls and Fluggi from Frankfurt Airport were surely the most-liked picture motifs that were shared later on in Facebook.

We are looking forward seeing you all next year for another great LCC Employee Forum!


LCC Events

Important Dates to Mark in Your Calendars 2017

LCC Corporate Travel Assembly
14th February 2017

The LCC Corporate Travel Assembly will take place on 14th February 2017 at the Hilton Frankfurt Airport. Invitations will be sent out at the end of October 2016. Registration deadline is 6th January 2017.

We are looking Forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming meetings! For any questions just contact!

LCC Operations & IT Summit
16th & 17th February 2017

Since the usual date for the LCC Operations & IT Summit hosted by Amadeus has always been in October and therefore very close to the LCC General Assembly, we decided to postpone the event to 16th and 17th February 2017 in Nice, France at the Amadeus Headquarters. Invitations will be sent out at the end of October 2016. Registration deadline is 6th January  2017.

LCC ITB Meet and Greet
9th March 2017

The ITB Meet & Greet in Berlin will take place at the Thailand Booth on Thursday, 9th March 2017. More information will follow soon. We hope to see many of your booths at the ITB in Berlin.

LCC Regional Meetings
22nd-24th March 2017
19th-21st April 2017
10th-12th May 2017

Our LCC Regional Meetings 2017 will be hosted by LCC GIN Sellers only and will take place in:

  • APAC: Thimpu, Bhutan – 22nd-24th March 2017 (Wednesday – Friday)
  • EMEA: Barcelona, Spain – 19th -21st April 2017 (Wednesday – Friday)
  • LATAM: Buenos Aires, Argentina - 10th-12th May 2017 (Wednesday – Friday)

Invitations will be sent out in November 2016.

Success Stories from LCC for LCC

How LCC works in Thailand

This is a series of articles about how the LCC Network has positively affected the business, image, employees and profits of different LCC travel agencies across the world. We are diverse network with different methods for everything, which might not work in South America as well as in Eastern Europe. In this series, we are sharing interviews with LCC members and diving into their personal experience with the LCC brand. We start off with Robert de Graaff from LCC Albatross in Thailand.

Robert, why would you recommend LCC to new members?

For any travel agency keen on expanding its horizons, I can strongly recommend joining the Lufthansa City Center franchise network for the following reasons:


1. To motivate your team. You will be regularly reminded of new technological developments. Your team's participation in webinars, trainings and employee events (often sponsored by LH) are both enriching your agency, and staff members - something which is very difficult to achieve as an independent travel agency bogged down in day to day activities- with exposure mostly limited to the local travel agency network of competitors /professional associations.


2. Forcing you to adhere to the corporate standards of the LCC network both in terms of appearance of the agency, documents produced by your agency, staff uniforms and other elements means that you will look be more easily identified as a professional agency linked to a world-class airline with an excellent reputation.


3. Brand identity is important in these days of globalisation and identifying your connection with Lufthansa inspires confidence and raises expectations. You will be able to acquire new clients more easily.

What is a special success story from your LCC agency in Thailand that you can share?


At LCC Albatross, we have managed to build a strong and loyal customer base over the past 18 years through hard work and dedication. However, we did so because we managed to turn our customers into friends who love recommending us in turn to their friends.


Please describe the development in the course of your many years of the membership?


Our commitment to the Lufthansa City Center network has been based on the strong personal ties with many members of the LCC Headquarters team and with some LH Senior Executives. We have welcomed them to Phuket whenever they came here and hosted an Asian Regional Meeting, both of which helped to strengthen our ties.


Thank you very much, Robert, for your honest answers. We would love to hear more stories from different countries. Are you interested in sharing your story? Send us an email at

LCC Goes Social

Join the LCC Facebook Group

More and more LCC members are on Facebook doing business, exchanging ideas and sharing knowledge. Why not profit from this huge crowd and bring them together in a private Facebook group? Our private LCC Facebook group will make it for you easier to see LCC related information and updates about our LCC community. It's always easier to do business with people you have met in person, but with our private Facebook group you get a face to the name of your colleagues and feel closer connected.

Who can join?

  • Every LCC member who has an myLCC user account for can join.
  • All members joining the Facebook group must be validated according to LCC travel agency.
  • We reserve the right to remove users who no longer work at an LCC travel agency.
  • We reserve the right to remove users if their LCC travel agency’s contract has been terminated.

This group will not replace and the information you find here, but rather enhance and facilitate our communication with you.


How to do it?
Just log in with your account via this link: LCC International Facebook Group and request to join the group. Alternatively, you can search for us on Facebook under "Lufthansa City Center International".

Don't miss anything by joining our new Facebook group and get linked with your fellow LCC colleagues and the LCC Headquarters.

LCC Recommends LCC

New LCC in Bangladesh: Saimon Holidays

We're always excited to receive a recommendation, especially when it turns into a new LCC member! LCC Travels & Rentals recommended a new member to join our growing network. We spoke with both to find out what turned their wheels on this great cooperation.

LCC Saimon Holidays

Afsia Saleh, Owner

  • Why did you choose to join LCC?

After our start in the travel trade business in 1981, we realized that our growth will be restricted if we work on a stand alone basis. We need to be part of a networking group that can help us reach potential clients and suppliers. Our thrust category in the travel business is corporate and leisure travel, focused heavily on MICE. LCC gives us the platform to grow our business in both ways and to benefit from a huge network and suppliers.

  • How did LCC Travels & Rentals convince you to join the network?

The need to join such a network was already there, but we were unsure how to go about it. When LCC Travels & Rentals contacted us, we carefully evaluated the business proposition and found it to be worthwhile. On our visit to Kolkata, we learned how LCC works on a self-liquidating basis whereby the fee that we pay is actually paid back to us in value through training and development programs and other tangible network benefits.

  • What do you expect from your membership within LCC?

We already started reaping benefits by attending the recent Jump-In Training in Frankfurt. We expect to increase our knowledge base through these training programs and take additional value in terms of technology usage, global fares, attractive suppliers and incentive schemes. We are also looking forward to the Regional Meetings and global conferences, through which we would like to increase our network of suppliers across the world.

LCC Travels & Rentals

Devendra Parekh, Managing Director
  • What does Saimon Holidays bring to LCC?

Bangladesh is an important emerging market in Asia and it certainly helps all LCC members to have a business partner in key markets across the globe. LCC Saimon Holidays is part of the Saimon Group, which has varied business interests and deep, vertical involvement in travel, which makes them an exciting partner to join the LCC family.

  • How did you convince LCC Saimon Holidays to join the network?

I know Ms. Saleh, the owner of Saimon Holidays, for many years now and we have had a long working relationship between our companies. So, when I informed her about LCC and the various benefits we gain from it, she responded positively. Mr. Wazir, their CEO, came down to Kolkata to meet me personally to understand more about LCC. In subsequent interactions with our Area Manager, Mr. Stuart Wines, they decided to join LCC.

  • Why do you think LCC Saimon Holidays belongs with the LCC network?

When I joined LCC, I realised this network comprises of a great bunch of highly trustworthy, reliable and entrepreneurial set of owners and managers. I believe Saimon Holidays blends very well within our family as Ms. Saleh and her team offers the same professionalism, reliability and trust which LCC stands for. They also bring in valuable experience from a new country which joins our network and we certainly hope to get some new insights in days to come.

Trends of the Future: “Experiential Marketing”

Experiential marketing focuses on the intensive experience with a brand when all five senses are being addressed. The different measures go from real or virtual experiences to installations that involve the mood of the user up to the olfactory promotion of a new spice at a bus station. The results and new findings of neuroscientific research are of profound importance for this trend.

To promote the flight connection from New York to Amsterdam, KLM set up special touch screens in both cities, which were connected with each other. People in both cities could give each other a live “High Five” from one screen to the other. The winners were directly awarded with a flight voucher by KLM employees for the most precise and exact “High Five”. KLM also uses the “High Five” on its booking platform.

In cabins developed by Marriott, visitors can experience a holiday trip with all feelings. With virtual-reality-glasses they were transported to several holiday destinations and could feel the corresponding temperature, air, sound and smell in the cabin. The ground of the cabin felt like sand between their toes, the temperature is about 26 degrees and the smell and the breeze of the sea is circulating around.

Norwegian Air Shuttle brought a holiday experience live to a shopping center in Oslo. Via an advertisement screen, people could go on a real time city tour in New York City. By touching the screen, people could move the picture and get detailed information. To make this possible, employees of the advertising agency M&C Saatchi ( were driving through the streets in NYC with a vehicle staffed with a 360° camera and could interact with the people behind the screens in Oslo via speakers.

The “PartyDrone” was invented for the Belgian mobile phone provider, BASE. The drone has three speakers with a total performance of 450 watts and can be used for festivals or concerts. It hovers above the visitors and streams music by Spotify. The visitors are able to add their favourite music to the playlist prior to the event. BASE helps promote their new contracts that include streaming via Spotify.

LCC Preferred Supplier Content

Hertz Advertisement

Travelling at the Speed of Hertz


GBTA Convention in Denver

New Trends, Impulses and Contacts

From 16th 20th to July, Denver was the place to be for the whole business travel industry. The city hosted the GBTA Convention 2016 which is the largest event of its kind.
LCC Headquarters sent 4 representatives from Area Management, Corporate Sales & Account Management and Operations and IT to take part. Our LCC DTG from China had its own booth during the convention. During the convention, the team met new cooperation partners like AirBnB and Uber as well as the local North American Lufthansa Team, together with potential multinational LCC Corporate clients and current LCC global accounts.

Over 5 days, several high-class speakers from all over the world gave talks at the convention about different kind of sectors in the industry. They shared their views on the latest technologies, trends of the future and successful developments in the tourism industry.  We have collected more than 30 presentations from these exciting days for you to download. Just go to myLCC.

Added Value Best Practice from LCC Amadeus Travel

Increase Loyalty by Appreciating Your Customers

Everyday, our LCC travel agencies all over the world are facing competition and constant change of the travel industry. The internet with its cheap prices for hotels, flights and services make this challenge even harder. How can LCC travel agencies create added value for their customers?

Our travel agency, LCC Amadeus Travel from Moldova, took this challenge and shared with us their customer experience.

SignIn: “What are today’s customers looking for when booking with a travel agency?”

LCC Amadeus Travel: "Today, we live in a time where the customer needs are the most important. A personal touch to our service is mandatory. The internet has a lot to offer, but it is also overwhelming sometimes.”


SignIn: “What are your added value services?”

LCC Amadeus Travel: "An added value service in our case starts before the actual journey. We create experiences even before our customers leave for holidays.

We give our loyal customers an unlimited entrance to the one of the best fitness centers in Moldova and a voucher for spa procedures for 2 persons in a 5-stars luxury hotel. This is a good way to relax before the big journey starts.

Another valued item is a voucher for business lunch for 2 people in a 5-stars luxury hotel. We need to make time for healthy food in today’s busy life. Having a great lunch in a lovely hotel is an amazing experience to get a little pretaste for the upcoming holiday.

All travelers who check-in on LCC Amadeus Travel’s facebook page after booking a vacation at our office will get a voucher for a taxi to the airport. Another added service reducing the stress on the way to the airport.”


LCC Amadeus Travel found an inspiring way how to touch their customers and get some added value additionally to their booked holiday. It's not just about money - it is about increasing the loyalty of your clients by showing them appreciation. What do you do "extra" for your customers? Let us know via and we will feature your story in the next SignIn edition.

Increase employee motivation

6 Motivational Takeaways from Pokémon Go

A few months ago, the Pokémon Go app seemed to be all people were talking about. You would see them on your way to work, in the supermarket, in waiting rooms – people looking on their phones and running around, once in a while screaming: “There's one – I gotta catch 'em all!” It appears Pokémon Go is harnessing the power of augmented reality by giving people an incentives to go outside and explore. There must be something we can learn from this - how does Pokémon motivate people? How can we apply this to motivating our employees?

Here are a few relevant takeaways:

  1. The game offers clear structure.
  2. Players receive immediate feedback.
  3. Players are challenged with attainable goals.
  4. The game encourages going outside and walking.
  5. Playing the game facilitates paying attention and noticing your surroundings.
  6. It's fun to play.

So, how do these factors translate to the workplace in motivating employees? Here are some ways on how you can replicate that Pokémon Go fervor within your workforce:

1. Provide clear structure with roles, responsibilities and authority. Tension and conflict within the team can often be addressed when everyone clearly understands who is responsible for what, along with aligning the responsibility and authority parameters.

2. Offer feedback on performance regularly and in a timely manner.  This, too, helps everyone understand how their performance and behaviors are measuring up to expectations. Remember, some people crave more feedback than others. If you are someone who doesn't need frequent kudos, you might forget that others do need critiques, praise and encouragement on a regular basis.

3. Set challenging, yet attainable goals.  You have to be able to measure performance and develop your team. Setting goals is a common practice, but you want to make sure that it's a collaborative process.

4. Encourage and support cross-functional work. If there is an opportunity to work on a task force or special project with people from different functional areas, that person will not only learn from others' expertise, but will also expand their internal relationships. Once employees connect with people outside their regular team, those who were once strangers will have a common interest.

5. Delegate meaningful work or request they stand in for you in meetings.  When we offer someone the opportunity to take on new, challenging work or afford him or her increased exposure with senior executives, it's a departure from the comfort zone. When we are out of our comfort zones, we become more alert and boost our efforts to bring our A game.

6. You've gotta have some fun at work. We spend a lot of time in the workplace; if that environment is a constant grind and filled with stressful situations, we're miserable. Leaders set the tone for the team. If you take yourself seriously all the time, if you lose your sense of humor and the human touch, your team will be cycling through a revolving door.

LCC Park Travel Recommends...LCC MyPage

A company website is an integral part of today’s business - it allows customers to see who you are and what you have to offer anywhere, anytime.
A global online presence generates more clients from around the world and supports the development of our LCC network. Therefore, the LCC HQ now provides a new website system, which is a part of the mandatory LCC IT-Concept to be implemented by December 31st, 2016 by all LCC members. It is up to you now to decide whether you choose LCC MyPage Basic, a simple, pre-defined website template managed by LCC Headquarters, or LCC MyPage Complete, a customisable website template where content is created and managed by you and your LCC team.

LCC Business Travel Park Travel was one of the first travel agencies working with LCC MyPage.
Read about their decision for the complete version.


Why LCC MyPage?

By using the new website system, LCC Park Travel is even more recognisable as part of the LCC brand which is both familiar and trustworthy to our clients. Our new online presence perfectly reflects our business commitment and service quality.

Features of the LCC MyPage

The new website offers a variety of templates such as the Teaser element allowing us to draw a client’s maximum attention. We love that we are able to tailor the content to what we and our clients require.  The new media pool allows for easy uploading of images with no pre-sizing required!

Look and Feel of LCC MyPage

Content goes here

By using the new website system, LCC Park Travel is even more recognisable as part of the LCC brand which is both familiar and trustworthy to our clients. Our new online presence perfectly reflects our business commitment and service quality.

Content goes here

The branded website gives our company a great online presence and offers a platform to engage with our clients through our self-customised website.

My name...Lynda Bernwieser

My agency...LCC Park Travel in South Africa

My position...Human Resources Manager Working for LCC Business Travel Park Travel since 1994

What I love most about my job is its flexibility, array of responsibilities it offers and the unexpected challenges that have to be tackled. All of this made easy within our supportive working environment.

For support or information on the LCC MyPage contact

From Airbnb to Ubair

Sharing – The Lifestyle of Tomorrow

Uber. Ubair. Airbnb. Are you still able to follow the latest trends of the sharing economy?

The sharing economy is developing quickly; new sharing platforms are arising weekly and faster than we can even grasp them. Sharing is not a niche market; it is probably the future of market capitalism. If you still follow your regular lifestyle taking the bus to work and eating out at your favourite restaurant – be sure your lifestyle will probably change as soon as you are infected by the sharing economy virus.

Did you notice that most of the existing sharing platforms concern how people travel and connect with each other?

Well, we are not telling you any news when we are saying that today’s consumers are looking for local authenticity and unique experiences – these topics become most relevant when it comes to travelling and this is the reason why services like Uber and Airbnb have become so successful. Do you need inspiration for your next dining experience? EatWith links diners and hosts with each other creating a social experience where hosts can be a chef on their own terms and guests get to know one another over a locally authentic, home-cooked meal.

However, also platforms like these do develop further very fast, for example Ubair, the new Uber of the air, has been invented to serve those consumers who are fed up with commercial air travel and would like to try private flying on sometimes even fewer expenses. Even Lufthansa recently jumped on the bandwagon of the sharing economy – they managed to create sensation when they started to sell premium economy seats between Frankfurt and New York on Airbnb at a cost of €699 for a roundtrip to fill their aircrafts.

As a result, travel companies are facing unprecedented challenges as long-established business. Especially, the travel industry fears the disturbance of existing central bookings and account processes.

A recent research by Airplus has shown that although sharing services are also becoming more popular in the corporate travel sector, companies are concerned with compliance and due diligence issues. The sharing economy will lead to new marketplaces, new booking processes, new partnerships and new connections for those who are smart enough to adapt.

We need to be aware that today’s disruptors can easily be disrupted tomorrow by a new business model, just as the ride-sharing model might become obsolete when self-driving cars materialize. So start thinking out of the box and try to be always one step ahead of your competitors, because that’s what will always make the difference to your customers!

The Art of Social Media

Facebook Tips & Tricks

How should a Facebook Page look for an LCC travel agency? How do you create interesting posts? How do you stand out from the crowd? All these questions were addressed during our Social Media Workshop at the LCC Employee Forum in July. The participants discussed in different groups which elements you need to consider when building a professional Facebook page.

With so many brands on Facebook, we need to make sure that all LCC travel agencies set up their Facebook page in correct corporate identity to increase brand awareness among our customers. Here, LCC AdKit offers you the opportunity to simply download your logo in the correct size as well as many more images to be used as cover images. Moreover, you should add the company’s contact details as well as basic information in the "About" section.

We would like to share with you the best tips from your fellow LCC colleagues and our Preferred Suppliers Hertz and Steigenberger Hotel Group on how to create a good Facebook post:


  • Identify your Audience: Which types of travelers would you like to approach?
  • Schedule Posts: At which time is your audience most active on facebook?
  • Send Clear and Short Messages to your Audience: What would you like your audience to do?
  • Use Attractive and Engaging Content: If you would be the customer for which picture would you press the “Like” button?
  • Share Exclusive Content: Keep in mind that a YouTube link is not as interesting to your audience as a video created by your own!
  • Create a Two-Way Conversation: Ask your audience to share their opinions, thoughts, ideas and feedback!
  • Analyze which Content your Audience Responds to Most: Post more of the content that customers liked before!

Would you like to find out more about what your fellow LCC colleagues have discussed during our social media workshop? Please have a look here.

You have not dived into the world of social media yet? Start by creating a Facebook strategy for your company!



Guerilla Marketing

Surprise Customers with New Marketing Ideas

In the last edition of the LCC SignIn, we introduced Guerilla Marketing as a different way to do marketing and get your customer's attention. Now, we would like to show you some examples that can be implemented in your office.

1. Hang pictures of famous celebrities up in your shop window with the message: “What do all these VIPs have in common?” and in small letters: “They have not yet booked a trip with us.”

2. Send out an email to your customers with the subject: “We have already booked for you – Please Confirm.” This will definitely make your customers call you at the office for clarification. Once you have them on the phone, you can ask them about their future travel plans and if you can assist them.

Have you already tried a Guerilla Marketing advertisement? Let us know at

3. Why not try sending out an old-fashioned paper letters? Write a “love letter” from the last destination the customer visited. Something like: It has been a long time since we last met. I miss you! Yours, The Maldives

4. Use little paper figures that you can place on parking cars to advertise for certain vacation types, like a skiing person or a woman beneath a palm tree.

Tips & Tricks for LCC MyPage

Integrate Travel Blogs on your LCC Website

Are you planning a trip around the world? Or perhaps you’re already living overseas and considering starting a travel blog? Maybe you’re stuck in an office somewhere, considering a trip backpacking around the world – saving, and one day soon you’ll make it happen? If you fall into one of these categories, you should be writing a travel blog. Travel blogs are an option for all kinds of travelers, backpackers, or soon-to-be travelers or backpackers.

With the new LCC Mypage you can integrate these travel blogs to your website via the article element and this way also highlight the expertise of your employees. Whether you are a honeymoon or long-distance trip specialist, thanks to different content templates, you can play around, highlight and personalise elements. You can display your specialist knowledge with a photo, your department, contact details and a quote. This customisable module can be built in all over your website and a different contact person can be shown for every theme.

For help and support please contact

How does the integration work?

  1. Go do Dashboard and click on “Articles”.
  2. Choose the author of the article (don’t forget to upload a picture in the profile of the selected user).
  3. Select the language of the page where you want to publish the article.
  4. Click on “new article” and select the category “Travel Blog”.
  5. Enter the main content on the page.
  6. Click on “Detail Content” in the bar above and enter your travel review with pictures and save.
  7. Now you can add the element “article box single” to your website and select your article.
  8. Congratulations! You have now successfully inserted your first travel review!
LCC Cares

We Are Looking for Your CSR Projects

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is not just a buzzword at LCC - it's our impact on the world!  Help boost your visibility and support LCC's initiative to make a difference. We want to hear about your social, environmental or giving projects for inclusion on our new LCC website. All qualifying projects will be exhibited on our CSR section.

Our Commitment

Our numerous CSR projects are a unique selling point for our brand, our network and for our franchisees. No other TMC or travel company in the world places as much emphasis on CSR as we do and we're committed to proving it. As an engaged, caring entrepreneurial network, LCC HQ has identified CSR recognition and promotion of LCC projects as a priority for our franchisees in 2016 and beyond. We are dedicated to making a stronger impact on our world and show all our LCC customers, as well as your customers, how we can accomplish positive change.


Send us your projects by email to Please include your name, office, description of the project and any relevant photos.

LCC Now Present in Laos

LCC is proud to welcome our very first location in exotic Laos: LCC Oudomsin.

Many visitors to Laos head straight for the city of Luang Prabang, famous for its French colonial architecture and laidback lifestyle. But LCC Oudomsin Travel is located in the capital city, Vientiane, which is the bustling centre of the country’s economy. Situated on one bank of the Mekong River, Vientiane looks across at Thailand on the other side, and there is constant traffic across the bridge linking the two countries. Family-owned, LCC Oudomsin is headed by Thanongsak Oudomsin, who smilingly tells his foreign guests they should call him Simon rather than try to pronounce his long name. One of the few IATA licensed agencies in the country, LCC Oudomsin is recognised by Lufthansa as a ticketing partner and offers a wide range of both inbound and outbound travel services.

Vientiane is modest in size compared with some other Asian capitals, but there are many gems hidden away for visitors to discover. A fresh seafood lunch in one of the riverside restaurants is a great way to start, and if you are lucky, Simon may point you in the direction of the distinctive and unusual Chinatown district.

The travel industry in Laos is developing and expanding rapidly in line with the economic development of the country as a whole, and Oudomsin immediately recognised the networking benefits offered by LCC, and the opportunity to bring the global brand into their market.

When the sun goes down in Vientiane, a number of the monuments in the city are floodlit to show them at their best. As well as their travel business, the Oudomsin family also runs the company responsible for setting up many of these lights. This may be the only place in the world where LCC can not only take you to the sights, but can also help you to see them in the dark!

You can contact Simon and his team at

LCC Travel and Rentals at East India Travel Awards


Congratulations, LCC Travel and Rentals! They won the prestigious "Best Corporate Travel Agency" Award at the East India Travel Awards for the third time in a row. They are based in India.


India Travel Awards supports, promotes and develops the Indian travel and tourism industry supported by the Government of India, Ministry of Tourism and is now hailed as one of the most esteemed awards in the tourism industry of India. The awards are also braced by esteemed trade bodies like Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), Association of Domestic Tour Operators of India (ADTOI), Outbound Tour Operators Association of India (OTOAI), Travel Agents Federation of India (TAFI) and IATA Agents Association of India (IAAI).


Congratulations to Devendra Parekh and his whole team!

LCC Hall Of FAme

Jubilees and New Entries

Our network is filled with unbelievable success stories that we want to share with all of you. Be it a travel industry or an LCC award, a personal achievement that affects the work within LCC, a special cooperation between LCC agencies or any other accomplishment that makes our network so special and one of a kind. We are honoured to have such high-performers within the LCC network and congratulate you for your outstanding effort, courage and skills!

Quito, Ecaudor
LCC member since: 1.7.2011
Nanjing, China
LCC member since: 1.08.2011
Bratislava, Slovakia
LCC member since: 1.09.2011
Tirana, Albania
LCC member since: 1.08.2006
Santiago, Chile
LCC member since: 1.08.2006
Brasov, Romania
LCC member since: 18.09.2001
Odessa, Ukraine
LCC member since: 27.08.2001
Tel Aviv, Israel
LCC member since: 1.2.2001
Cacablanca, Morrocco
LCC member since: 1.7.2016
Vientiane, Lao
LCC member since: 1.5.2016
Dhaka, Bangladesh
LCC member since: 1.6.2016
Teheran, Iran
LCC member since: 1.8.2016