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Get 500 Euro for Your Regional Campaign!

Your Team, Face and Competence in Focus!

Marketing is all about authenticity – and recommendations! And trust from customers towards you! And marketing is all about making a difference – and staying in the memory of customers. This is why the LCC global marketing campaign launched last year changed the entire LCC look and feel!

Dear LCC colleagues,

Nothing is as consistent as change. A saying which is so true, as one minor change can influence our whole behavior, our customs, our way of thinking. How fast and unexpected this can happen showed the announcement of Lufthansa several weeks ago introducing the new Distribution Cost Charge (DCC). What does this additional charge imply? As of 1st September all Lufthansa flights issued via a reservation system like Amadeus are added with a surcharge of 16 Euro. Lufthansa justifies this decision with the immense cost and competition pressure against low cost and gulf carriers. We at the LCC Headquarters are currently busy examining viable technological alternatives for you.

But change does not always have to be a challenge. In most of the cases changing our old-established habits can open eyes and doors to new possibilities. From time to time it is necessary to leave the beaten track and try new things, stay creative and be unique. The travel business is a highly competitive market. How can you still be seen and stand out of the crowd?

At the Regional Meetings we presented our new regional marketing approach which includes going away from the traditional image advertisements that everyone knows and use unique and authentic illustrations, hand-made for Lufthansa City Center! The Regional Campaign takes it even one step further including your face next to your personal recommendation – a recommendation your customers can fully trust.

A good way to practice creativity and Share-Economy is on our upcoming events for three different target groups. For counter staff we offer again our LCC Employee Event taking you on an adventurous ride into the year 2030 finding out how to meet the

needs of the Future Customer. IT Experts are welcome to join us in Nice for the 2nd Operations IT Summit hosted by Amadeus to enhance the usage of the LCC IT tools or simply get updated by Amadeus and LCC on latest products. In November we gather again all office managers and general managers for the LCC General Assembly at the beautiful Algarve, Portugal. Here we will re:focus on our core values and competences: on LCC-together with you!

We are looking forward welcoming you at one of our events very soon!

LCC Springer Reisen turns 20 years

Big LCC Celebration in Austria

The date 29.03.1995 marks a memorable day in the calendars of our Austrian LCC Springer Reisen as it is the year of the 20th anniversary of joining the LCC family. The preparations for the celebration are in full swing already so we are happy to have the chance to talk to Leopold Guggenberger, General Manager, who has been with the agency from the beginning and recaps the past years with Springer Reisen Lufthansa City Center.

LCC HQ: “What was the starting point of your success as a corporate travel agency?”
Leopold Guggenberger: “This would definitely be the opening of our first Business Plus (now Business Travel) agency in Villach in 2006.
This was the time when we entered the corporate business and changed our focus. After that we have developed and improved immensely and were able to increase our service quality every year. Our focus has been since then the acquisition of new corporate customers for Lufthansa City Center.”
LCC HQ: “Do you remember your biggest challenge?”
Leopold Guggenberger:“For us the biggest challenge was the first international tender that we participated in and that we, thanks to the help of the LCC Headquarters in Germany, were able to win. The tender requirements of this client were extensive including the implementation of the reporting tool Ibank. But in the end all our efforts paid off and this client is still very satisfied with our service as booking agency.”
LCC HQ: “Remembering the good old times, do you remember how you started? How many employees did you have back then and what has changed until now?”
Leopold Guggenberger “ Springer Reisen is a family-owned business that had in 1995 already18 branches in Carinthia and Styria (Austria). We decided to join the LCC family with one branch mainly for flights and group travels in the leisure market. Today we have in total 26 branches in Austria. When we opened our office as LCC Springer Reisen we had 5 employees in a tiny office. Today we are an experienced team of 11 employees and we were able to double our working space in 2008 with the acquisition of an additional premise right next to the old office.”
LCC Springer Reisen turns 20 years

Big LCC Celebration in Austria

LCC HQ: “What will the 20th anniversary party look like?”
Leopold Guggenberger “The big celebration with all our “flying“ and “booking“ customers will take place on 20th August. We have invited about 110 customers to a very traditional Carinthian tavern (Heuriger) where they serve the most recent year’s wines and apple cider. Of course there will be a raffle with different prizes from airlines tickets to rental car and travel vouchers. We are already looking forward to celebrate this special year with everyone that supported us over the past 20 years and made this day happen.”
LCC HQ: “What are your future plans as LCC?”
Leopold Guggenberger “Our constant goal is to improve our technology and to win new corporate clients. Unfortunately at this point the future does not look so bright taking in consideration the current development at Lufthansa German Airlines. The question is: do airlines still need and accept us as IATA agencies as partners for their distribution? We will see what the future will bring but we as LCC Springer Reisen are still going strong. “
LCC HQ: “Again congratulations for this impressive jubilee of 20 years in the LCC network. Thanks to you and and your entire team – continue your great work! We are proud to have you with us!”
LCC Salbusiness 1929 starts new city tour

#WhatsappBologna: Join the Social Live Tour

We live in a very modern and very transparent world. What we experience we do not want to keep to ourselves but communicate with our friends, colleagues, family, neighbours. We want to share how we feel, what we ate today, which restaurant we liked, which food made us sick, how we are spending our free time – be it on Facebook, Twitter or Youtube. Share-Economy is more than just a social hype, it is happening right now, right here. So why not jump on the bandwagon, get involved and profit from the sharing trend economically?

Our Italian LCC Salbusiness 1929 based in Bologna, is famous for its innovative and extraordinary ideas. They have just recently invented a whole new kind of city tour – called the #WhatsappBologna: The Social Live Tour.

What is so special about this tour?
Basically it is a half-day guided city tour where tourists visit different points of interest and the most beautiful monuments of Bologna combined with interesting facts about history, culture and popular anecdotes. The only condition for joining this tour is to have a smart phone with Whatsapp. During the tour the participants receive pictures and detailed information about all the places they are visiting that day in short messages of about 140 characters via Whatsapp directly on their smart phone.

The idea behind this special tour is that the participants can now live share these pictures, descriptions and fun facts in social network platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Internet users all around the world can now take part “virtually” in the city tour through Bologna. Another nice feature are the so-called “#SefiePoint”posts recommending places where to take the best Selfie picture.

„We hope that with the sharing feature of our city tours more and more people fall in love with Bologna –even if they are located on the other side of the world. It is an extra , free-of-charge marketing strategy for our city”
Umberto Sassatelli, LCC Salbusiness 1929, Italy
LCC Advisory Board

May We Introduce? Your new Advisory Board!

In the last Sign In edition we started introducing to you the first part of the recently elected new members of the Advisory Board for the region Europe. Now it’s time to get to know the new faces for the remaining regions and find out what their wishes and goals are for the next two years to come.

Region 3: Asia Pacific

Seema Makhija

LCC Business Travel Travel Voyages, Mumbai, India
Why did you decide to become a candidate for the Advisory Board?
I became a board member to try to help expand the LCC network in Asia and to understand the issues and problems I see in my region and to resolve them. I want to convince other agencies to join the LCC network both as corporate and leisure to ensure we are one big growing family. I wish to work with several hotel chains to bring special rates and commissions to the network. I find it important to attend travel trade shows to network and to get new products. I am happy to share my know-how and encourage other members to attend these fairs.
Name one or two goals you want to achieve as LCC Board member.
I believe that if we share technology and know-how within our LCC network we can reach much bigger corporate accounts world-wide and increase turn-over for the individual LCC and the network as such. We have to ensure that the business remains within our network and is not being outsourced to other travel companies. One of the most important goals is to ensure that we use each other in partnership for existing clients as well, whenever possible to maximize our global reach.
LCC Advisory Board

May We Introduce? Your new Advisory Board!

Region 4: Middle East & Africa

Robert Bernwieser

LCC Business Travel Park Travel, Pretoria, South Africa
How do you feel about your Advisory Board election?
As the first LCC member in South Africa and subsequent growth to seven members in the region, I was nominated by these colleagues. I considered that with this mandate I would become a board member to represent their needs. I will certainly draw on my 39 years of involvement in the travel industry of which 15 years spent at Lufthansa; therefore, I believe I am equipped to serve the LCC colleagues to the best of my ability. It’s reassuring that some of the experienced Advisory Board members have continued to stay on which lays a solid foundation for us as newcomers.
What do you want to accomplish as Board Member for your region?
We need to complete the projects started by the former board members in order to move forward and explore new and exciting unique developments for the LCC network. I concur with my fellow members that it is of paramount importance to grow our global client network in order to secure a solid future for ourselves. This is imperative!  I wish to call on our LCC colleagues world-wide to collaborate with us, and emphasise that we are their voice and action group to represent them at the highest level. I look forward to be of service to my colleagues.

Savio Monserate

LCC Khimji’s House of Travel, Muscat, Oman
Why did you decide to become a candidate for the Advisory Board?
First and foremost I believe we have an excellent team on the LCC AB. There is a blend of youth and experience and a great desire to make the LCC experience more enriching for each of the LCC partners. What excites me most about the work in the LCC AB is the great potential that I see where we can work together on various simple yet monetarily rewarding projects. What we may not be able to achieve by ourselves as "stand alone agencies" can be achieved if we share ideas & experiences for the common good.
What are you, as a board member, committed to creating? What do you want to achieve for your region?
I am committed to creating an improved culture of business exchange among partners within the region. Each of us enjoys benefits within our local markets that we can share with each other. This exchange of benefits helps not only the giver but also the receiver. It leads to a "win-win" situation for both parties. I am determined to give this a shot and am confident that we will all be winners.
LCC Advisory Board

May We Introduce? Your new Advisory Board!

Region 6: South America

Samy Bessudo

LCC Global Travel member Aviatur, Bogota, Colombia
What excites you the most about the work in the LCC Advisory Board?
What excites me the most about working in the LCC Advisory Board is to have first hand information about what is going on in the global and regional LCC markets and to use it in benefit for my region and also give back and share knowledge with our fellow LCC colleagues.
Now that you are a member of the Advisory Board what are your first steps of action?
First of all, I will try to create a bigger networking level among our LCC agencies. I would also like to see an increase in our corporate clients in our region together with the different global travel members. It is important to get the knowledge about new technologies that are implemented in the various countries.

Region 7: Central America & Caribbean

Alice Heinsen

LCC Exelenzia Travel Hub, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
What is your wish for your time on the board?
For me the LCC Advisory Board is a challenge I am happy to take. I am looking forward to be the voice of my region in order to assist the growth of all of us and not feel competition but rather serve as a cane to help us provide better service with high quality. My wish is to get more suppliers on board who benefit us all and to serve as a link to all the members of LCC in Latin-American and the LCC Headquarters.
LCC Global Incoming Network (LCC GIN)

Unified Appearance and Quality Standards

LCC GIN - a big project with big expectations of travel inspirations coming from within the LCC network. You might ask: I have not seen any product yet – where can I find out who is part of the project, when can I start searching or booking? Good questions!

The project team currently heavily works on testing the online platform, the LCC GIN Marketplace for you. Plenty of products, offers and travel inspirations are loaded already. At the same time, all 36 GIN sellers have started to undergo the first steps of the certification process. In order to guarantee that you as a buyer of GIN receive the best quality service no matter which LCC member you book with, the LCC Headquarters has established a fixed certification process. As part of this process all GIN members have to participate in 4 webinars.

  • In the first webinar the GIN Team explained to the members the online platform and how to upload travel offers.
  • The second webinar focused more on on how to create and write interesting and appealing travel offers and was held by the experienced global blogger Sebastian Canaves who supported with useful tip and tricks.
  • The upcoming webinars will treat the topics successful marketing and customer service (Taking place in July)

Soon the marketplace will go live for you – in the meantime any requests and inquiries can be, as usual send to the newly created email address The GIN team can already recommend the fitting GIN seller to your request!

Apart from its own logo, the Global Incoming Network now also has

its own key visual that can be used by the GIN members for branding and marketing purposes within the LCC network. The compass and the people from different ethnic groups represent the global reach of GIN that has already members in more than 50 destinations. Only together as a united network GIN and consequently also Lufthansa City Center can be strong and forceful like an elephant. The free flying birds symbolize the creativity and the uniqueness of each and every GIN member.

LCC GIN was also a big part of the past four Regional Meetings: In an own Gin lounge Gin sellers inspired attendees with great destinations and offers already! During the management coaching in Thailand the members learnt how to communicate GIN to their employees and integrate it into their daily routines.

Have you discovered the GIN Concierge already – this edition on beautiful Israel? The world lies at your fingertips, start inspiring your customers with unique offers designed by LCC for LCC only – with LCC GIN!

Real People. Real Cities.
Real Moments: Israel!

My Real Israel Secrets

Ala’a Afifi, LCC Nazarene Tours from Israel
What is the biggest secret to be discovered in Israel?

The peaceful coexistence between all the different cultures, religions and minorities around the country. During a short walk down the streets of Jaffa, Haifa or Jerusalem, you can experience the togetherness of Christians, Jews, Muslims and Druze living and working together, hand in hand.

My personal tip for your must see locations:
  • The Sarcofag of Tel Kedesh or the old synagogue in the Golan Heights, Umm el Kantir
  • The ceiling paintings in the Nazareth Ottoman Villas.
  • The ruins of the city of Susita with a wonderful view to the whole Sea of Galilee.
My authentic festivals you cannot afford to miss:
  • Holiday of Holidays in Haifa taking place every December
  • Eilat Jazz Festival at the end of August
  • Ramallah Film Festival
  • Bethlehem Christmas celebration.
  • Opera Festival at Masada.
My tip for the most prestigious property:

NORMAN Hotel in Tel Aviv. Located near Rothschild Boulevard where you can see all the Bauhaus architecture.

My favourite place to eat:

My Best Restaurant: “Diana” in Nazareth - A Mediterranean style, chef restaurant, which serves the best Kebabs I have ever tasted! It’s a secret family recipe that has been passed on from generation to generation. At Diana’s, you can enjoy the local ambiance, unique homemade salads and a rich menu full of Mediterranean cuisine, which you just cannot get enough of!

My tip for the best local dish:

Mediterranean cuisine - Falafel, Hummus and Maqluba, which include meat, rice and fried vegetables placed in a pot, which is then flipped upside down, which translates literally as “upside-down”.

My must adventure you should experience in my home country:

Go ahead and get lost in the old four quarters of Jerusalem.

My top tip for the most relaxing spot:

The best place to enjoy tranquility is the Negev desert, especially Mitzpe Ramon, located in the south. There’s a beautiful isolated spa hotel in this area – you can sit in the Jacuzzi and enjoy the view overlooking the craters.

Have you discovered the secrets of “myIstanbul” with Orhon in our first LCC-GIN Concierge series in the last staff magazine? Have you enriched your next trip to Istanbul with highlights and new insider information, from what to eat to where to go and what to do…behind the scenes? Good! Then now hop on board of our LCC-GIN world journey which now continues to a very special place: Israel – the holy land! Especially for you!

Diverse, unique, still unexplored by many travellers ISRAEL promises one thing for everyone: Broadening your horizon, your perspectives, your views on old traditions, religions, historical sites and heart-warming people you will never forget..

How to discover Israel in all its facets?
We would need a book here, but this would not help! So let’s leave it in the hands of those people who were born and raised in Israel, who love their home country, who know each corner, each stone, each district, each shop owner, each restaurant, each hotspot – and each hiding pearl no traveler will ever discover without the connection to the REAL LOCAL. “Real Cities. Real Moments . Real People “ – that is our “LCC local” Ala’a Afifi, inbound manager

of LCC Nazarene Tours, one of our dedicated LCC GIN members home-based in Israel. “My real Israel” is the most personal story from Ala’a Afifi, who was born and raised in Israel 39 years ago, loves his country and knows it like the palm of his hand. He is the fourth generation of a family business that dedicated its life to serving tourists .The Afifi family has contributed to the community for four generations with a purpose of increasing tourism to Israel & the Holy Land and give the tourists the best trip they ever had. Since 21 years he works for LCC Nazarene Tours. Wow, what an expertise!

Time to discover “My Real ISRAEL Secrets” with Ala’a:

  • So many different landscapes, cultures and colors in one small country- mountains and green valleys, beautiful beaches, the Dead Sea (where you can get mud wraps and float in the salty water), the famous Sea of Galilee and the Negev Desert. In this small country - you will surely see it all.
  • Every stone has its special history- from the old cities and the religious sites, villages, kibbutzim, and skyscrapers in the big cities; you
  • can literally feel the harmonious connection between the new and the old, the modern and the ancient.
  • Great cuisine, shopping, art, music and nightlife from all the different cultures and everything is close - you don’t need to spend time on transportation from one place to another.
  • Israel – A Unique Destination? Definitely YES!

Why is Israel and LCC Nazarene part of LCC GIN?
Because LCC is a personal business, GIN is a personal business. Ala’a attended his first General Assembly in Dubrovnik, Croatia. At the opening dinner, he happened to sit next to Orhon Atameric, an LCC GIN member from Istanbul, Turkey.

“We clicked right away and he told me he hadn’t visited Israel in several years, and that he would like to come visit soon. This conversation gave us both the idea to try to bring a group of tourists from Istanbul to Israel. And some months later our mutual vision came true. This was a truly special trip for me, because we organized a unique trip that was tailor-made specifically to the group’s wishes, unlike any other regular visit most tourists experience. The best thing about this trip (beyond the fun of course) is the fact that it totally broke many myths and stereotypes about Israel. The tourists experienced first hand the fact that Israel is a safe and pleasant place to visit, and one can travel around the country easily with no worries. Best of all, one gets to experience the local warmest and the friendliest people one will ever meet. “ says Ala’a on his first GIN encounter coming to real.

What Makes the Best Israel Tour?
Ala’a. “Obviously, we take our tourists to all the famous places, such as Jerusalem, the Dead Sea, Nazareth, the Sea of Galilee and to the beautiful beaches and markets in Tel Aviv. However, we always try to innovate, and make the experience special. Mainly, we give our tourists a real inside taste of the

local cultures, as it is of the utmost importance to us to make a true connection with locals, such as having an intimate dinner with a local family or even spending the night at their house. We also arrange different encounters with people who interest our groups, such as meeting political activists, historians, artists and so on. We may offer volunteer activities such as tree planting, or olive and orange picking. We also offer special activities personally customized for our different groups, for example the “Jesus Trail” for hikers (a 60 kilometers’ 4-day hiking trip from Nazareth to Tiberius - the path Jesus walked when he left Nazareth) or a biking trip in the biker’s trail across the country. For opera lovers we organize a visit to the breathtaking opera festival in Masada, which is located in the Judea Desert overlooking the Dead Sea. For art lovers we cater special tours to museums and arrange meetings with local artists. Families with children can enjoy camel and donkey rides and water sports. We also have special packages following the major festivals and events taking place all year round, such as conventions, marathons and the Light Festival in the old city of Jerusalem which is one of the most spectacular things you will see!

Our entire team and all of our tour guides are highly experienced and strive to give you the best tips that only locals know about, such as where and when to go in order to escape the tourist masses, where to shop for the most unique souvenirs and of course the hidden pearls. Last but not least, because our family owns buses and hotels, we don’t have to depend on third party suppliers. My family and I are involved in every aspect of every tour, and we are committed to make sure you have the time of your lives!”

Although Israel is one of the smallest countries in the world, it is probably one the richest areas in the variety of landscapes, cultures, religions, colors and aromas. Israel is a place where every single area from north to south has a story of its own. Discover this story with us – we are your locals at your side!
Ala’a Afifi, LCC Nazarene Tours, Israel
LCC General Assembly 2015

Clear Your View and “Re:Focus” on the Algarve!

12.11-15.11.2015 – this is date no LCC executive or manager can miss in his or her annual calendar! Why? Because the only global event, uniting all German and international LCC franchisees, decision makers and leading minds of our network, is about to take place. 3 exclusive days of pure networking, pure dialogue, pure business relations shaping your future are waiting for you!

Where? After the hustle of the dynamic metropolis Dubai, it is time to refocus on our inner values, on the core of our business: The We-Community of LCC. This is why we chose for 2015 the beautiful, sun spoiled Algarve, the perfect venue for an event that sets the focus on maximum privacy, exclusivity and inner exchange, strengthening the bonds of LCC to grow stronger for a future to be coped with as ONE: One network, one community, one concept!

The motto? There cannot be any better motto than “Re:Focus! Dare to align”. Why? Because constant changes in our industry underline the need to change the LCC perspective: to us, to the “we-spirit” of all LCC members, to the power that lies within the strong bonds of LCC! In times

like these, with challenges and new market conditions, this clear focus and empowerment of a pure dedication and 100% commitment to LCC will create the difference. With LCC we clear the view – the perspective into our joint future! AT this event, at the Algarve, mid of November- with you!

What to expect?

Re:Focus is also a promise you will feel and see in the changed programme itself. Following your wishes and desires of new event platforms and changed structures, we make sure to focus in 2015 on

  • Maximum freedom – you choose your agenda and design your days yourself
  • Maximum networking – with LCC in extensive time slots dedicated to exchange only
  • Maximum knowledge transfer – with IT trend miles; GIN world trips, short impulse speeches and real “work” results from delegates in small groups
  • Maximum interaction among LCC members and suppliers
  • Maximum best practice exchange
  • Maximum dialogue – with less monologue or pure presentations in huge plenaries
  • State-of-the-art event platforms that will inspire the LCC network, the LCC bonds, the commitment to LCC

Where to stay?
We have chosen two fantastic five star properties for you: The conference hotel EPIC SANA Algarve Hotel and the neighbouring Pine Cliffs Residences – a Luxury Collection Resort, both exclusively booked for LCC only to ensure the maximum privacy and relaxed atmosphere we need to re:focus on LCC! Distance between both properties is only 4 minutes.

LCC General Assembly 2015

Clear Your View and “Re:Focus” on the Algarve!

How to register?
In the first week of July, all General Managers and Office Managers received an individual invitation and PIN code to register at . Flights (Special group tickets from Germany or TAP Portugal international discounts) and hotels can now be booked already. You have not received a PIN code- then please contact the event team!

As of mid of July, the programme and excursions will be added to the website and the second step of the online registration will go live- workshops and individual agendas can then be booked. Registration Deadline is 1st September 2015.

LCC Influencer: You shape the programme!

Your ideas and key interests are essential – do not only lean back and wait for the programme to arrive. Share your wishes for topics, speakers, workshops or more and help us design the agenda according to your needs! How to? Join the Event Survey you can access from

How to stay up to date?
Subscribe to the myLCC Forum “ General Assembly” to not miss any crucial update on the event app, the golf or tennis tournament, our first timer support, LCC Matchmaker networking sessions, exciting excursions taking a look behind the scenes of real Portugal, agenda updates, keynote

speakers – all in your “myLCC forum”: Your place to network with fellow attendees and the event team (Go to forums in myLCC and subscribe for free!)

Early Bird Special!Among all event surveys filled in on wishes topics and your input for the “LCC on air” radio channel moderator (available at, we raffle one free stay at the LCC General Assembly. Just answer 5 questions – and enter the lot!

It is time to set your focus anew- to re:focus on LCC. Make sure you are part of this event of its own!

LCC Employee Event 2015 – a ride in time

LCC 2030: Last Call Captain Future!

Everyone waited for it already – and now here it is: The invitation to the only international event purely dedicated to all our 5,600 LCC employees world-wide is ready to be discovered here. Lufthansa and Lufthansa City Center invite you to the trip of your lifetime – leaving the presence behind you and jumping in your personal time machine, together with fellow 100 LCC astronauts – into the year 2030. And this is big jubilee to be celebrated as this amazing event is carried out for the 10th time in 2015!! Reason enough not to miss out this exciting opportunity to challenge your physical skills and brains for your best LCC experience ever!

What you need? Teamspirit, courage, brains, action, speed, curiosity and the strongest will to lead your time machine back to the year 2015 with all your strength and power in 10 teams of multicultural LCC colleagues! Will you get lost in the orbit or manage, with your teammates and joined forces to lead your time machine back to the present- prepared for the future ahead?

One thing is clear: Only those who can think out of the box, ready to tackle future challenges, with changing means of transport, biometric scanning, teleportation, sustainable hotels, new product inspirations available with the LCC Global Incoming Network and our suppliers, personalized travel solutions, mobile technologies revolutionizing your LCC travel agency’s life completely, future customer needs and new services, will manage this ride in time! LCC – this is the Last Call for Captain Future. Are you ready to board LCC Galactic with your crew of fellow teammates? Are you ready to discover with us, our dedicated GIN sellers, fellow LCC, Lufthansa, Europcar and our preferred suppliers THE FUTURE CUSTOMER? Are you ready to enter new dimensions of travel? Which role does and will LCC play in this futuristic setup?

Are e-agents, technology and automation the future or will the personality and authenticity of each LCC make the difference?
Yes, the most important one! This is why only the best LCC employees will be selected to this adventurous ride into the year 2030!

LCC Employee Event 2015 – a ride in time

LCC 2030: Last Call Captain Future!

Your knowledge and skills will be put to test and you will experience one of the most exciting events you have ever been to.

Best of all? This event is entirely free of charge as it is fully sponsored including accommodation for 1 night in twin bed room, Lufthansa flights in X class, full board and all transfers

How to apply? Click here to register!

How to be selected as part of the crew for “Last Call Captain Future”?

  1. You need to pass the “LCC Future Assessment” to show your psychological skills and knowledge first (Available in MyLCC)
  2. You need to get creative: Define your job title of your future AND take a picture of yourself that represents this “future job description” best. Hand in this picture and job title to the

    Why a new job title? In the year 2030 or 2050, no one needs a travel agent anymore. Possible “Orbital LCC E-Agents” are needed. Or ”LCC Feel Good Managers”. Or “LCC Google Glass Navigators”. Whatever your future job title will be – the picture needs to underline this title as well. Both are needed!

Deadline to register: 31st July 2015

How many will be entitled to join? Maximum 100 future travellers from all markets including Germany can join this special future journey! Make sure you are among the first ones to apply!

Timing? The LCC time machine will leave its base on 28th August by noon!. Latest arrival to our home base and orbital hotel, the Lufthansa Training Center in Seeheim (located 40 minutes from the airport) is 11 am. Or you may directly take the LCC orbital shuttle from Frankfurt Airport to the event venue leaving the airport at noon. The event will finish on 29th August 2015 by 2 pm.

Discover Germany– after the future ride in time as of Saturday!

Make the best out of your trip to Germany and book one of our two LCC FAM trips after the event and discover the beautiful landscapes and sights Germany has to offer. LCC Reisebüro Wüst, one of our key GIN Sellers, organizes these outstanding programmes for you at a small surcharge. Two trips are offered – one with one overnight stay till Sunday, one with two overnights till Monday.

LCC Event + LCC Training = Your Success!

Our recommendation. For you! You can also combine the event with even more knowledge by attending a LCC training prior or after the event. We offer the LCC Jump In and LCC Basics, LCC Corporate Training and much more – register here

The year 2030 is waiting! Can you feel the heat and the burning engines already? Can you hear the sound of the countdown for LCC Galactic – it has just started: 5-4-3-2-1-Zero…….fasten your seatbelts, pull your oxygen masks tight on your face, and enter the orbit of new dimensions of travel – LCC Travel in the year 2030!

LCC Regional Meetings: 320 attendees, 4 countries, 3 continents

Inspiration United at the “LCC We-Community”

4 meeting dates, 4 wonderful destinations and 4 dedicated LCC hosts, 330 participants from over 65 countries- this is the successful result of this year’s LCC Regional Meeting series. The LCC world journey of the LCC “We-community” started in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic with LCC Exelenzia Travel Hub, then continued to Ljubljana, Slovenia with LCC Kompas d.d. (By the way: LCC Kompas d.d. is our honoured second eldest LCC in the international network after LCC Thomas Cook in Czech Republic – as they celebrated 20 years of LCC membership in 2014!), then continued to Cremona, Italy with LCC Guindani Viaggi and finally finished collecting miles and new business partnerships in Hua Hin, Thailand with LCC Sawadee Travel and the biggest-ever APAC Regional Meeting exceeding 70

participants for the very first time in LCC history!

As numbers speak for themselves, here is the world journey of 4 meetings in figures:

  • 230 LCC attendees from 65 countries
  • 32 participants from brand new LCC members, attending for the very first time
  • 18 GIN Sellers attending the meeting with an own booth in the GIN Lounge
  • 90 attendees from LCC Preferred Suppliers and the LCC Headquarters
  • 2 optional workshops: One for LCC corporate specialists and one for LCC leisure specialists focusing on GIN sellers and buyers alike
  • 4 management coachings – fully sponsored by the LCC Headquarters – twice on the topic of talent management, twice on the topic of communication skills with excellent results and additional management skills provided to all attendees after the Regional Meeting
  • 4 winners of a free LCC General Assembly stay: Ingrid Schoenmaker
  • from LCC Holam Tour in Brasil, Anita Lindenberga from LCC Ansbergs Travel in Latvia, Cashio Vettom form LCC Khimjis House of Travel in Oman and finally Barbara Whitten from LCC Anywhere Travel in Australia (brand-new LCC member) – all of these four are the lucky ones not paying for the participation fee and three nights accommodation between 12th and 15th November at the Algarve!
  • 2 generous LCC participants joining a last minute LH auction on a free LH ticket at the meeting in Slovenia and Thailand, raising the amount collected for the local CSR projects introduced – these were Marian Szypula, LCC Global Travel Member Netmedia in Poland donating 550 Euro for a free around the world LH Ticket in Ljubljana and Kow Teng Wong, LCC Af Travel in Malaysia donating 800 Dollar for a free LH ticket for the CSR project in Hua Hin.
  • 9,800 Euro overall donated and collected by LCC attendees and LCC Headquarters for the purpose of 4 wonderful CSR projects in Dominican Republic, Slovenia, Italy and Thailand to leave a positive footprint in the world.
LCC Regional Meetings

Inspiration United at the “LCC We-Community”

Magdy Mounir, LCC Gulf Travel & Tours , Egypt
I.Bang, LCC Creative, Korea
G A Shaffi, LCC Intercontinental Travel, Saudi Arabia

Picture Gallery Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

Picture Gallery Ljubljana, Slovenia

Picture Gallery Cremona, Italy

Picture Gallery Hua Hin, Thailand

LCC Regional Meetings: 320 attendees, 4 countries, 3 continents

Inspiration United at the “LCC We-Community”

All presentations and barcamp results of the workshops and interactive sessions at the meetings have been loaded to myLCC already. Soon we launch LCC Conference TV with all synchronized videos and presentations from the speeches of Klaus Henschel, Jens Schuster, Siiri Palisaar, Rinku Sharma and Anke Steinhauer on the topics of the General Management, purchasing and franchising, GIN, corporate strategies and marketing of the future. We currently finish the last videos for you in myLCC (just click on the tag “videos- conference TV”)

I wanted to thank you once again for the efficiently organised regional meeting in Ljubljana and thank you for your personal efforts which made it a memorable one. I am going home with new contacts from this region which I believe will enhance our business with the LCC partners in the near future.
Idil Seven, LCC Arkas Travel, Turkey

Still a chance to win!
A final price is waiting for all attendees not having yet returned their “My Postcard” with the My Postcard App and their personal picture taken at the Regional Meeting – still do so urgently. The best postcard wins the last free stay at the General Assembly. And here is only a small collection of great postcards:

Scan this code and download the My Postcard App.

We also received wonderful pictures of the “LCC mascot Greenie” growing his hairs and ideas on your desks back home.

Thanks for your great interaction and pictures shared!

More Must-Have Travel Apps for You

After the success of our must-have travel apps in the last edition we continue this series with four very handy travel apps for different situations in life. Learn more about the revival of sending printed postcards which will be possible with the myPostcard app. There is also something for those of you who are sport- addicted and who want to be on the safe side when it comes to medical issues during travelling. Also don’t miss out on the app that will change your experience of jet lags completely. You see, again four apps that will make your life easier and that are for sure also interesting for your clients.

My Postcard App

You might think that sending out printed postcards is something old-fashioned since we have free internet in almost every hotel and can send pictures directly via chat. But doesn’t this make a real postcard even more precious and special? My Postcard combines the virtual and the real world. Just select your photo, define your personal text and enter the receipt’s address and your postcard is ready. It will be printed and posted within the next 24 hours.


If you’re a runner and want to stay in shape at your destination, WalkJogRun offers you a huge selection of the safest running routes in more than 1.6 million cities worldwide. Take advantage of the most accurate iPhone GPS and discover new routes while exercising without injury. There’s a training plan for everyone, from beginners to advanced walkers and runners. Stay fit and keep in shape, wherever you are! Als on your next trip!


The last thing you’d want to happen to you when you travel abroad is to have any medical emergency. But, just in case, the app keeps details about your medical conditions, your doctor’s primary contact details and insurance information that can be accessed even if your phone is locked. Among other features, it also translates the stored information in 10 different languages. In case of emergency, ICE gets you covered.

Jetlag Genie

Nothing is worse for you as busy business traveler than landing at a destination exhausted and out of sense for time. JetLag Genie is the app that helps you beat jet lag so you can arrive alert and at your best condition. Simply input flight times, destinations and other travel specifics and Jet Lag Genie will provide a detailed schedule to follow before, during and after your flight, designed to decrease the tiring effects of travel across time zones.
LCC General Assembly Corporate Travel 2015

LCC Corporate World Meets again in Frankfurt

More than 85 LCC Business Travel and Global Travel agencies from 27 countries travelled to Frankfurt on 28th May to join the LCC General Assembly Corporate Travel that took place again in the Hilton Airport hotel.

What were this year’s highlights of this one day conference?

  • Klaus Henschel and Michael Marx had a look into the future of the corporate travel sector taking into consideration the challenges in the SEM market and the new generations with their changing booking behaviors and need for online solutions.
  • The participants learnt from Huub Smeets, founder of the consulting company Simacon, how Lufthansa City Center can stay competitive and Cynthia Ahrens shared her insider knowledge on how to assess and lead others more successfully.
  • The new LCC Mobile App, trends like Open Booking & Shared Economy as well as Security Management and useful tips for customer acquisition were some of the favorite topics of the afternoon workshops.
  • Sponsors like Lufthansa and Amadeus but also AERTICKETor Concur joined the assembly for active exchange with the LCC participants and to present their new products.

To download all the presentations from the meeting just go to myLCC and click here.

It is always outstanding to have the opportunity to share with great people around the world business ideas, and you guys in HQ are very professional, I feel proud to be part of a great LCCI team.
Ivan F Montero, LCC BusinessTravel Colon Corporativo, Costa Rica
Excellent very - informative - great networking. Our first LCC conference experience – excellent!
Peter Drummond, LCC Business Travel Horncastle, UK
Very positive and useful.
Irina Rymarenko, LCC Business Travel Via Kiev, Russia
Well prepared and well executed. Enjoyed it for its content and great for networking, as usual! Thank you very much!
Robert Bernwieser, LCC Business Travel Park Travel, South Africa
LCC Corporate Social Responsibility

LCC Leaves Positive Footprint in the World:

LCC – love your customer constantly – this could be the perfect translation of our abbreviation. But what about the sentence” Love the community constantly?

This is how we understand our role- as global travel agency chain, as global company uniting so many cultures, nations, people and religions- under one brand, in one family.

This is why we always think of others: People in need, people in danger, with small actions or donations that change the world. LCC meetings are a great chance for us to leave a positive footprint at every destination LCC meetings take place.

We, the LCC Headquarters, have chosen together with our LCC hosts 4 wonderful projects we dedicated a special donation to. A donation collected at each Regional Meeting gala dinner – and we collected a total amount of 4,300 Euro which we raised to 9,800 Euro with our central LCC Headquarters donation!

Thanks for your generous support – we keep you updated on what the money was used for in the next editions. Have a look at all the four projects attached:

But here, our responsibility does not end. We know many of you have own CSR projects running, And we want to encourage you on this important path. Are you running a special activity to save the environment or support people in need? Then run for the LCC Social or LCC Green Award 2015 in November and hand in your ideas to the marketing team till October! The best ideas per category wins a support of 1,000 Euro – so it’s worth it! Join us and share your projects with us!

CSR Awards

Again a big thanks to all of you - only with your help, this great CSR result was possible!

LCC Corporate Social Responsibility

LCC Forest Project Grows with Your Help!

7 years ago, back in 2008 LCC launched its first own global green project – a project that sustainably wants to recover nature and the natural resources for a better world to live in. And this project is called “LCC Forest”. Coordinated by our long year’s LCC member in Argentina, Adrian Dannemann of LCC Viajes Dannemann as “patron” of the project, the LCC forest started in 1999 with an empty, burned down field in Argentina – with no life remains.

Today 6 years later, the area grows and flourishes, gets greener and greener each day, welcomes back local animals and insects – all because of the outstanding support of all LCC members and our LCC customers world-wide. By now 2500 trees were planted, growing centimeter by centimeter each year, turning a sad and burned down soil into a fresh and living natural environment again. But here the LCC forest cannot stop – 2500 trees cannot be the end – we need more attraction, we need more trees – we need your support and attention!

Have a look how such a plantation works. The LCC Forest Movie:

See all LCC donators here: LCC Forest Website:

Read more on the LCC Forest in this myLCC article or in this online newspaper report of INCENTIVE.

How does the project work?
Each LCC member, each LCC employee or customer can donate one tree on his own name in the LCC forest. Each tree amounts to 9 USD and can be donated either to the LCC Headquarters or directly to the LCC forest (bank details at

When is my donated tree planted?
Twice a year, local kids from schools starts the plantation with the help of Sembrar, a local ecological organization coordination the replanting. This is always fun, education, community spirit and natural protection all in one day!

Where are we now?
By now roughly more than 2,500 trees have been planted. With 650 LCC agencies and thousands of LCC customers worldwide, this forest could be even bigger already. Add the LCC Forest to your LCC website, to your email footer, to your communication with your customers, link it to your facebook page and help us promote the LCC global CSR project and make the forest grow!

Each day! For a better world, a better future to come!

Dominican Republic

The Caribbean’s Premier Golf Destination

When Christopher Columbus dropped anchor in the bay of Puerto Plata in 1492, no one had any inkling that the country would one day evolve into a pulsating international tourism centre. Columbus described the unique diversity of the landscape of the island of Hispaniola with the words “...never has the human eye perceived anything more beautiful”.

In the Dominican Republic, pleasant temperatures all year round and the breathtaking natural beauty of the landscape offer optimum prerequisites for all kinds of leisure activities ranging from water sports to mountain hiking, riding to mountain biking, rafting to animal watching and much, much more.

Furthermore it is one of the most ecologically diverse nations in the world: Stunning vistas, including waves crashing over dramatic coastlines, coconut palm groves, lush, sun-kissed fairways, gentle mountains and exotic nature set the scene for uniquely designed and distinct golf courses. Sports champions and golf enthusiasts alike cannot resist playing the island’s challenging courses blessed with clear blue skies, azure seas and constant beautiful weather.

Dominican Republic is widely known as having the most magnificent golf courses in the Caribbean and Latin America. Whether you are a professional golfer or a beginner, it’s easy to play golf in Dominican Republic since most clubs provide medical support, lessons with some of the most elite players and offer a variety of golf vacation packages. These packages cater to both the serious and the recreational player, and often include accommodations, meals and drinks, as well as green fees and cart rentals. So, don’t worry about packing your golf bags.

The country boasts a growing list of world-class designer golf courses by some of golf’s most acclaimed course architects including Pete Dye, P. B. Dye, Jack Nicklaus, Robert Trent Jones Sr., Gary Player, Tom Fazio, Nick Faldo, Nick Price and Greg Norman. It is not surprising that the Dominican Republic was characterized as “Best Caribbean Golf Destination” by the World Golf Awards in 2014.

German National Tourist Board and LCC Join Forces

Travel Destination Germany: Much More than Beer and Sausages

If someone would ask you: What do you associate with Germany? The most common answers are probably: forest, beer, Volkswagen, Oktoberfest maybe the Neuschwanstein Castle. This might be true, but Germany is so much more than that. Maybe you are already an expert in selling this destination or maybe you still need some support, fresh ideas or new input? Then we have the perfect match for you: Since the beginning of 2015, Lufthansa City Center and the German National Tourist Board join forces to bring added values also to you as travel agents selling Germany. Every LCC benefits from knowledge transfer, webinars, online trainings, myLCC promotional documents in various languages, and a large team of 30 local representatives promoting Germany’s tourist attractions around the world in established and emerging source markets. Six regional management teams act as a link to your individual LCC markets.

On the Regional Meeting in Cremona and Ljubljana all attendees had the first opportunity to start intense business relationships with the local GNTB representatives already. Don’t miss our exciting LCCQuizBiz and see how much

you know about Germany and the Germans in general. A fantastic prize will be drawn between all participants.

We sat down with Petra Hedorfer, Chief Executive Officer of the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) and asked her about the specialties of the destination and the marketing strategy.

Sign In: What would be the main selling points for travel agents looking to get their customers to visit Germany?
Petra Hedorfer: “Germany is an outstanding tourism destination with fantastic infrastructure, and all at a very good price. As a cultural destination, it’s the number 1 choice in Europe. 57 per cent of European holidaymakers in Germany visit cities or go on multi-destination tours. Culture-seeking travellers of all ages come for the 40 UNESCO World Heritage sites, the 6,000-plus museums, the acclaimed theatres and orchestras, high-calibre events and buzzing creative scene.
But demand for trips to Germany is also growing in the Health & Fitness Holidays segment, a category that includes activity-based holidays. Here, we can offer around 200,000 kilometres of marked walking routes and 70,000 kilometres of cycle tracks – from asphalt paths for the whole family to challenging Alpine trails.
Consumers and travel professionals can find extensive information on Destination Germany on our website
German National Tourist Board and LCC Join Forces

Travel Destination Germany: Much More than Beer and Sausages

Sign In: What else might travel agencies recommend to customers who are interested in travelling to Germany?
Petra Hedorfer: “In addition to our marketing of city and nature-based tourism, we run themed campaigns every year that pick up on key trends and reach out to new demographics. Authenticity – harking back to a simpler way of life – is one example of a trend that is currently very big in a number of countries. Because of this, we are focusing our 2015 campaign on traditions and customs and how many of these date back centuries but are still practised today and play a big part in shaping modern-day Germany. Information on this can be found at or on our ‘social wall’ at”
Sign In: Next year’s campaign is again focusing on a less well-known aspect of Destination Germany – its natural landscapes. Does Germany really offer that much in the way of natural beauty?
Petra Hedorfer: “Germany does indeed boast a wide range of unique natural landscapes. Protecting these treasures
while opening them up for tourism is a particular challenge. More than one third of our country’s land area is under some form of conservation order. With a total of 16 national parks, 15 UNESCO biosphere reserves and 104 nature parks, there are more than 130 recognised national landscapes to discover. These are going to be promoted in our 2016 campaign ‘Holidays in the heart of nature in Germany’ – where the focus will be on exciting activity-based holidays and stunning natural beauty in all regions of Germany. For more information visit

For more information on the GNTB go to or contact Nicole Kauer at

Register for the first webinar with GNTB on 16.09.2015. Click here

It’s Quiz Time - Prove Your Knowledge!

LCC Technological Experts – this event is for you!

2nd Operations & IT Summit Hosted by Amadeus

Are you responsible for technology implementation and IT with your corporate or leisure customers? Is IT and technology your key focus in your daily work in your LCC agency? Then this event is for you!

Once a year, the LCC Headquarters together with our preferred GDS partner Amadeus exclusively invite all LCC technology experts and IT coordinators to Nice to let “technology talk business”.

As technology and mobile solutions entirely change market conditions and processes in all LCC offices all over the world, a dedicated exchange of technology experts from all markets is substantial:

  • to stay competitive and have first hand IT focused LCC united at one table
  • to exchange from user to user
  • to learn from tool implementations in other markets
  • to stay up to date with technology trends technology
  • to individually discuss with Amadeus Product Managers and IT Experts from the LCC Headquarters and other LCC agencies
  • to enjoy live demonstration of LCC and Amadeus Tools in the Technology Product Lab
  • and to get to know global LCC tools as well as local technology achievements you may benefit from in your local LCC – sharing do’s and don’ts, sharing best practices and tips and tricks for optimised workflows and local technologies relevant for all markets

All this can only be reached at a conference purely dedicated to technology: And this conference is the Operations IT Summit hosted by Amadeus – relaunched and reinvented in 2014 with a new concept, structure and content. The huge success of last year brings this highly attractive LCC IT event back on the schedule for 2015! The dates have just been fixed, so mark your calendars for 29th -30th October 2015 (arrival on 28th October) in Sophia Antipolis (Nice) in France.

LCC Technological Experts – this event is for you!

2nd Operations & IT Summit Hosted by Amadeus

Who is invited?
Target group of this specialised event are LCC IT experts operationally working with technology, dedicated technology staff who want to implement further IT tools at their LCC, who already use or want to enhance the usage of the LCC IT tools or simply want to be updated by Amadeus on their latest products.

These can be IT managers, key account managers, implementation managers, office managers or even General Managers (in case their operational responsibility is technology and IT implementation) of LCC agencies from Germany and all international markets.

Participation is complimentary for this two-day-event, simply the travel costs such as fight, hotel and transfer charges will be on LCC expense.

The focus will be on live demonstrations and pure dialogue, face-to-face exchange on current tools, tips and tricks how to use them, learning from others to take a big impact on the further design and creation of current and future LCC tools. With your participation you stay ahead of the fast changing technology solutions.

How to register?
The invitation with the agenda will be sent out end of July. Then you can easily register online as the spaces will fill up quickly.

How can I contribute to the programme?
We want to encourage all LCC IT experts to hand in topic suggestions and wishes for this years summit. If you would like to take on a bigger role within the event and share your insights for our “learning from the best” agenda section with local IT tools in place you wish to offer to the network, please send all details to our event team at or post your thoughts in the event forum on myLCC.

See you all in Nice!

I am excited to discover new Amadeus topics or solutions which especially cope with the current changes in the new DCC discussion in place. I am sure the Nice meeting will take up these current leading topics, introducing future visions at the same time. In addition this forum offers me the platform to interact and connect with international LCC colleagues and Amadeus product managers at the same time – we can learn from eachother, a big benefit I want to make use of also this year.
Cord Gödecke, LCC Global Travel Member Hamburg Süd Reiseagentur, Germany
myLCC Series: Connect with other LCC!

Boost Action and Interest-Sharing

myLCC is the communication platform within a network of 650 agencies and 5,500 employees. Available 24/7, in every time zone, in English for everyone to understand and communicate in one language – and as your constant “friend and companion” having stored anything you ever looked for:

    Logins and access to all LCC tools and user guidelines
  • Introduction of new LCC members
  • Preferred suppliers and specials for your sales process
  • Marketing tools and concepts and templates
  • Everything on GIN (Global Incoming network)
  • Invitations to meetings, summaries, presentations and videos
  • Pictures, memories …and much much more

Far more important than simple information storage however is YOU. YOU need to get connected, YOU need to evaluate articles or post your comments (up to today: 80.000 evaluations received – this is outstanding!!!), you need to link with

other LCC working in the same area as you do.

In short: mylcc is nothing without you! And your contribution!

This is why interaction modules are key to success! Today, we introduced the relaunched forum feature to you: Better, faster, easier, more comfortable.

Why forums?

Because LCC employees work in different areas of the travel agency, be it corporate, leisure, MICE; marketing, IT, incoming or others. For each of these areas of interest, one forum as networking platform has been created.

Whom can I network with?

You see from the member list who are fellow agents working in your area and sharing possibly same questions and needs

How can I make use of it?

You subscribe with one click to the forum (or forums ) of your choice (button: Join forum). Then you post your question

(Button: New post) or read existing posts and topics and comment on the questions or topics raised there. In the entire chronological discussion which then appears, you always find the picture and the “myLCC online status” with a green or red traffic light next to the author of each comment, BY clicking on the author you find out where he/she comes from.

***New since July 2015***

Forum post counter in your myLCC Header next to your profile picture: This counter shows all new posts and comments in any of the forums you are member of. A red figure catches your attention. Click on the red figure and you are automatically linked to the overview of all the forums you are member of (List “myLCCForums”. Next to the number of topics per forum)

myLCC Series: Connect with other LCC!

Boost Action and Interest-Sharing

Let’s have a look at a live sample:

Ankes Forum Overview

  1. I enter myLCC in the morning. Next to my profile picture I notice a red figure stating 10.
  2. This means overall 10 new topics or comments to topics were posted since my last login in any of the forums I am member of.
  3. To find out which discussions were going on during my absence, and if I can contribute something valuable to these dialogues, I click the figure (***new***). I am now routed to the overview of all my forums.
  1. Each forum that carries new posts or comments from OTHER LCC users now displays (***brand-new***) again a red figure how many new dialogues took place a per forum. I my case: 5 new comments in the training forum, 2 new comments in the meeting and event forum (on the employee event) and 3 new topics in the marketing forum.
  1. I click again the red number in the marketing forum (5) and automatically see the last discussion- and join in, sharing my expertise, answers, comments, pictures, videos…
  2. This is networking and knowledge exchange at its best

Your task now: Checklist!

1st Check: Have you subscribed to any of the myLCC forums already?

2nd Check: Have I subscribed to the new forums already? LCC General Assembly is brand-new

3rd Check: Start posting you

4th Check: Start a new discussion on topics you are interested in.

Result: Maximize your benefit from your LCC network!”

It has never been easier to follow the live discussions and get in touch with others.

LCC Travel Experts En Route

Travel Tips from LCC to LCC

Feel the African Culture of Botswana

Travel Ambassador Evelyn Saindi from LCC AT&T Travel, Botswana

Tradition and Culture in Botswana
For a traditional experience “Bahurutshi Cultural Village” is a place to be. It is like a living museum, where they demonstrate culture that doesn’t really exist except for in really remote areas of Botswana. You will even take part in the different ceremonies of the tribe, for example a wedding ceremony. Also traditional dances and food are part of this unique African experience. This tour can be combined with Manyana rock paintings, Livingstone Kolobeng ruins, Thamaga pottery.

Africa’s Garden of Eden: Okavango Delta
The other important place you have to see when coming to Botswana is the “Okavango Delta”. It is unique pulsing wetland covering between 6 and 15 000 square kilometers of Kalahari Desert in northern Botswana. Declared a world heritage site, the Okavango Delta boost species of birds, plants and vegetation. Whether it is a game drive in Moremi Game Reserve, a mokoro ride (dug out boat) in the pan handles, bird watching or fishing you are sure to have the best time in this tranquil place.

My recommendation for an authentic restaurant in my home town Gaborone:
“Rhapsody’s”: You can enjoy the best beef grill/ribs with a glass of beer in a cool and serenate environment with a slow jam on the background. “Bull &Bush” also serves sumptuous beef silon/ribs/steak on a hot plate. Live music entertainment, good service and disciplined waiters completes Bull & bush.

Dream trip to Washington DC.

Travel Ambassador Tatiana Popa, LCC Amadeus Travel, Moldova

What definitely to see in Washington
The very first place that should be seen in Washington is United States Capitol and Library of Congress. I recommend a cozy hotel only 5 minutes walk away the Liaison Capitol Hill DC. Just several minutes walk from this place, you find museums like Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, National Museum of Natural History. As places for dinner I strongly recommend Spanish restaurant JALEO and Thunder Burger & Bar Washington where they have real gourmet burgers - the prices are a bit expensive, but the burger is really different (in a gooood way).

Hidden secrets of the Bosporus

Travel Ambassador Orhon Atameric, LCC Active Tourism, Turkey

My best restaurant in Istanbul
The Beyti Restaurant in Florya is where I eat meat since I was a child – this is a true meat paradise! In the old city, Sultanahmet Halk Köftecisi is a local place (always packed of locals) which is also famous for its grilled meat rolls with white bean salad. The Hanedan Restaurant in Beşiktaş is the best Kebap place (the location at the Bosphorus is amazing). And Kanaat Lokantasi in Üsküdar is a place to taste traditional cooked dishes. Fish Lovers must go to Park Fora Restaurant in Kuruçeşme or Körfez Restaurant in Kanlıca – best fish in town!

My tip for “Sweet and Sugar”
You get the best baklava at Diyar Burma with several shops in Asia or Seyidoğlu and Güllüoğlu everywhere in the city. Best candies sure only at Hacıbekir, Hafiz Mustafa in the old city and to Cafer Erol in Asia. For best Turkish cakes and cookies stop at Beyaz Fırın in Kadıköy or at 7-8 Hasan Pasha Firini in Beşiktaş.

Panama – my home, my heart

Travel Ambassador Daniela Christensson from LCC Pan Alliance, Panama

Once in Panama, you cannot miss Pedasi beach. It’s a 5 hour ride from Panama City but worth it. It’s a small town with a diversity of cultures, restaurants and accommodation from hotels to hostels to bed and breakfasts. Pedasi is filled with beautiful beaches and nature, the best part was watching the sunset from the cliff with a glass of wine, perfect paradise getaway.

Where to stay in Pedasi?
I definitely recommend a hotel called Villa Romana. My first impression of the hotel was a reminder of my trip to the south of Italy, and it turned out the owners are Italian. The hotel location is perfect for an escape from everything; it’s on top of a cliff, which gives you an amazing wide view, about 10 minutes from Pedasi town. There isn’t any cell phone signal only Wi-Fi provided by the hotel, but that made it even better to disconnect. To get to the beach you have to walk down a path made by the owners, the beach was beautiful and very clean. For lunch and dinner you could also eat at the hotel restaurant, which was typical Italian homemade food.

Where to eat in Pedasi?
But after eating at the hotel we decided to try something different in the town. After many restaurants and walking around we found the perfect one: The restaurant is called Bienvenidush, amazing middle east Israeli food. I’m a  vegetarian therefore it’s hard to find options for me but here they had homemade hummus, falafel, salads, natural fruit juices’, all good portions at good price. It was quite small and cute with the owners making the food fresh and home-made in front of you. We left the restaurant with a full stomach and happy to have found this little hideaways of locals. 

Sonoran Desert – my best wildlife & nature scenery

Travel Ambassador Daphne Flores from LCC Travesias Mundiales, Mexico

My personal recommendation for you for your next trip the US is the Sonoran Desert. It is a North American desert which covers large parts of the Southwestern United States in Arizona and California, and of Northwestern Mexico in Sonora, Baja California and Baja California Sur. You may think there is nothing to do. But surprise! This place is full of life: places for bird watching, hunting for deer or bighorn sheep, trekking, and hiking or even skiing in winter!

The Sahuaro on the picture is the typical landscape you can explore just across the street. This type of cactus can grow to be over 20 m tall!

Indian Weddings you cannot miss

Travel Ambassador Daphne Flores from LCC Travesias Mundiales, Mexico

India is a big country with many fascinating contrasts that it will open your eyes. One “Most Do” is joining an Indian wedding. Wherever you are in India you have to be very lucky and see a parole on the street with the groom and a lot of people behind them, just jump out of the car and join the celebration. On that stage the groom, maybe on a carriage or a horse, is going to the bride’s house and behind him people such as his relatives, friends and some other “gate crasher” as me with music, lights, dancing and singings were following him. As the celebration is a matter of pride and joy they are very enthusiastic to share it with many people, that’s why the weddings are for hundreds of persons and they can last for 2 or 3 days.


  • My name... Melissa Abente
  • My agency... LCC Panorama in Paraguay
  • My position: Sales Executive
  • Working for LCC Panorama since... 2012
  • I love most about my job: To collaborate with the creation of the best memories of my clients.
First hand product knowledge

LCC Panorama Recommends: SportsEvents365

LCC has preferred relationships with several small providers who are maybe not that known but provide excellent service. One of these is the ticket provider SportsEvents365. LCC Panorama started working with them in June 2014 when they were in need for tickets for the FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Who is SportsEvents365?

“Sports Events 365 is an international broker operating in the secondary ticket market. Sports tourism is the fastest segment of the travel industry and can be a great source for additional revenues. Together with concerts they are popular add-ons to a trip both for leisure and corporate travellers and not to forget can also be the primary reason for travel thus creating new business!”

SportsEvents365 Fact Sheet

Why work with SportsEvents365??

“We absolutely do recommend this supplier to everyone because they are very helpful, will assist you with all you want and the most important thing: you will feel safe through all the process: from the purchase to the event. When you work with SE365 you will be able to tell your client that they will get what they are paying for.“

Success story?

“We had a very important client who asked for specific seats in the stadium for the match Real Madrid vs. Barcelona, he called us every day to confirm the seat number for an entire month, and I wrote SE365 every week trying to confirm it. SE365 assist me every week for a month and finally got the required seats. When the passenger was back he came to the office and thanked us for the best match he had ever seen. We and our clients are very satisfied with Sport Event 365 services.”

One sentence only!

“The handling of our request is always excellent and they have the best staff and response time to guarantee the best for your client.”
LCC Training Session in August and September

Call Out for LCC Newbies and LCC Experts

2 weeks and one full weekend of new experiences will await you in August and September– do not miss the chance to combine your LCC Employee Event full of joy and adventures with the opportunity to enlarge your personal expertise.

For all newbies in the LCC network: Come to the training session in Frankfurt and learn all there is to know about Lufthansa City Center. Get to know the colleagues in the LCC Headquarters, get live demos of the most important LCC tools, make valuable business contacts with fellow LCC colleagues but most of all – enjoy being part of the LCC family.

From 24th to 27th August we will offer you the following trainings:

  • 24.-25.08.2015 LCC Jump In and Basics Seminar
    (2 days seminar about the LCC standards, advantages of being part of an international network and background knowledge of this unique co-operation)
  • 26.-27.08.2015 LCC Corporate Products Seminar
    (2 days seminar about the corporate products offered by the LCC headquarters in order to support you on sales activities while serving corporate clients)

Registration here.

For all experts in the LCC network already familiar with the LCC family and focused on international and multinational corporate travel: this is your chance to exchange, share and explore new business opportunities and to streamline your processes.

From 31st August to 3rd September we offer you the following trainings to enhance your business expertise:

  • 31.08-01.09.2015 Sales & Key Account Days
    (2 days seminar to help you pay particular attention to nurturing, growing and retaining the existing clients and acquire new ones)
  • 01.09.2015 Exchange Dinner
    (interactive session where you will be able to address challenges within the communication, Exchange the crucial steps and processes of change management within your travel agency and how to improve the communication while implementing a corporate customer)
  • 02.-03.09.2015 Operations and IT Days
    (2 days seminar to help you pay particular attention to effectively and efficiently implementing existing clients and set up standards for future clients’ implementation)

We are very much looking forward welcoming you soon here in the LCC Headquarters in Germany.

LCC Local Management Coaching Series

Hand-on Tips and Real Benefits to Take Home

Sharing knowledge, experiences and learning from the best combined with a professional trainer seems to be the recipe of success for the second round of the management coaching session. Again this year more than 70 participants from 35 countries took part in the trainings that took place one day after the Regional Meetings and were again fully sponsored by the LCC Headquarters. In Punta Cana, Ljubljana and Cremona Fabiana Diaz from KeSch Trainings and the well-known intercultural specialist Cris Smit took up the topic on how to develop excellent teams and promote out of the box thinking for your business success. For the training in Hua Hin we could again contract Karl Freedman from KeSch Trainings for an interactive session on how successfully communicate to your staff members.

We are very happy to have been able to offer you this opportunity and “catch two birds with one stone” to make your long trips to the Regional Meetings even more rewarding for you and your team. If you want to book a local training with our KeSch trainings institution please contact Beatrice Gorski at

I leant a lot of new approaches from this training. Sitting here I get some ideas, I will apply when I come home. I will join next year as well!
Ali Shabbir, LCC Rahal Travel & Tourism from Iran
As new GIN members we had a lot of questions on how we get this topic across to our staff. During the coaching with Karl we developed a strategy and a good game plan and feel now very confident to start communicate the GIN platform to our employees.
Kirsty Hutchinson, LCC Reynolds Travel, from South Africa
LCC Branding Series Part II

Multisensual Marketing – LCC in 5 Senses

Have you ever entered a Westin Hotel lobby and wondered where the perfect scent was coming from that greeted you on the entrance? Or how often have you heard the MC Donald’s jingle or sound/song in TV and automatically allocated the delicious burger to this sound? Or have you ever entered an aircraft and thought by yourself: This cabin attendant uniform is much nicer than the one I saw on airline XYZ?

You see, you are not only a sales person, you are also a customer and consumer in your everyday life. A consumer of brands and products, you do not have to be a brand-addict just to remember the Audi corporate song played in each Audi TV spot, or the Windows sound you hear every day you turn your computer on or off.

Why is that? Because we have brand encounters every minute - some brands we remember better than others. How come? Because some brands are keen on staying in the memory, by approaching all 5 senses of their customer. And this is exactly how LCC is working as well :

Different to others.

Studies prove: Our five senses react very differently to marketing activities. Not the seeing sense is most important – but the smell is the sense that influences us as human beings most – subconsciously. Plus, we learn much better if we do the things ourselves, combining ears to eyes and hands rather than only watching an ad or presentation.

The more senses you approach the better you can reach out to your customers- also in your daily marketing work!
Best of all: A combination of more than 1 sense is the key to success.

Have a look at our summary how you can reach out to all senses- as LCC with exclusive products, marketing appeals and tools exclusively designed for you!

Seeing Sense: The new global and regional marketing campaign sets you apart – discover here: Plus the LCC Corporate Fashion is just in the relaunch – soon we provide a new multilingual online shop with new Corporate Fashion items (from suits to dresses to polo shirts, scarfs and ties in LCC Corporate Identity) – discover the current fashion here – and watch out for the news on the new LCC

collection soon! Here you can see the current fashion collection.

Tasting Sense:
LCC Corporate Cocktail (alcoholic and non alcoholic version) exclusively mixed for LCC only. The Traveller and The Companion can be offered at LCC customer events, offering a cocktail workshop with customers. Discover the recipe and the promo material on the LCC cocktail here and the video on how to mix it in 5 steps here. In addition the LCC Cookbook offers on 100 pages recipes and local tastes collected from LCC members for LCC and your customers. In digital and printed format. Discover it here as print and online.

LCC Branding Series Part II

Multisensual Marketing – LCC in 5 Senses

Smelling Sense: This is LCC Holiday Breeze, the LCC exclusive Corporate Scent! LCC is the only travel agency chain having an own scent. Can be applied in the office for a better atmosphere, on trade shows for your booth, in scented mailings, in various applications available starting from 15 Euro. Have a look here.

Hearing Sense:
LCC Corporate Song – exclusively composed for LCC in music and lyrics. Can be applied as ringtone to your mobile phone or your LCC phone, can be used as phone jingle (available in 7 languages and fully individualisable at 125 Euro) , can be used as background sound in your office, on tradeshows, in sound mailings, on your website…

Discover the song here or download the phone ringtone here.

Feeling Sense: This is the only sense we from the LCC Headquarters cannot fill with an exclusive own innovation- as the touch of each LCC can only be represented by your personal handshake, your smiling face and your wonderful emotional customer support. Feel LCC – this is only possible with each of the 5,500 employees from all over the globe, putting their heart and soul into LCC and a perfect customer relation! YOU make the difference.

LCC Marketing in 5 Senses

Take part in our Corporate Song quiz and find out how many jingles you recongize:
LCC Marketing Circle: Are you part of it already?

Join the Marketing Expertise within LCC!

Are you the employee in your Lufthansa City Center agency that deals with customer communication, newsletters, branding, advertising, facebook posts, or even blogs, tradeshows and customer events? Are you the dedicated person for all marketing questions in your LCC?

If your answer is yes, then continue reading and discover 3 main reasons to become part of the marketing circle at LCC!

If your answer is no, then it is time to decide: Does your heart beat for better promotion of your LCC in your city and do you look for new inspirations to enhance your visibility online and offline? Then continue reading and become the marketing expert in future. If your answer is again no, skip this page and flip to the next SignIn pages to discover content focusing on your needs!

3 reasons why you should not miss our marketing expertise of LCC!

Or in short: 3 tips why the marketing circle is your place to be!

  1. Learning from the best: In the newly formed LCC marketing circle, all members (subscription for free) can be sure to be surrounded by like-minded employees and fellow marketing experts sharing the same questions in their daily work: how to be better visible in a world that offers 7,000 marketing messages each day to each human being? How to enter the hearts and memories of customers? How to be different? In this group of experts you can inspire eachother, you can learn from other markets, you can exchange successful best practices. “Learning from the best” - this can be practices in this circle! As member you will also be approached to volunteer for new marketing projects, such as the travel tips we just recorded for Venice and
  • Warsaw and which shall continue also in your city! This is your stage – your show! Share!
  1. Early Bird Information: As member of the marketing circle all marketing related updates and news go to you first! Or to you in more detail! You are pre-informed, you are better informed, tailor-made and personalized to your needs. With own newsletters, with an own myLCC forum (please subscribe here: ), with own webinars!
  2. Team of experts: Our dedicated marketing team of 5 specialists at the LCC Headquarters handles your inputs, suggestions and ideas for new marketing concepts with highest priority! We provide you with trendscouting for mobile, online and offline marketing activities. You will be approached with the marketing and event funds for great ideas first, you are piloting new templates in Adkit first, your opinion helps to further develop upcoming marketing initiatives. You shape the marketing world of LCC – with us! All – for free!

All we need is your dedicated time to

  • Read our marketing circle mailings and newsletters
  • Actively join our webinar sessions
  • Proactively share your best practices or ideas or questions you have in our myLCC forum and discuss with us and fellow LCC marketing people leading trends of our marketing world
  • volunteer for new ideas and projects as role models to other markets!
LCC Marketing Circle: Are you part of it already?

Join the Marketing Expertise within LCC!

How to become member?
All employees indicated in the central “Facts and Data “ database as marketing experts (updated once per year by each office manager) automatically become member and receive a welcome email. If you want to become member too, simply send an email to one of the marketing colleagues.

What have you missed so far?
Nothing- everything has been recorded for you. The first two webinars took place already – watch the videos here.

  • April Webinar: The four steps to the perfect LCC Corporate Identity including the LCC logo structure, fonts, colours, LCC claim and LCC key visuals
  • June Webinar: The global marketing campaign and how to reach out to the customer with all 5 senses – short Adkit introduction.

Coming Up Next:

  • August Webinar: Latest Adkit templates and live demonstration of the tool (postponed from June session): Click here to register.
  • September Webinar: Offline meets Online Marketing: Website Concept, HTML Newsletters and Viral LCC Approach : Click here to register.
LCC Look and Feel – designed for you!

New Multi-Purpose Promotion Templates in Adkit

You want to reach out to your customer with new designs of the global LCC marketing campaign and do not want to waste time in designing it everything yourself at your computer or with your local marketing agency?

Then there is only one solution for you: LCC AdKit, our web-to-print-tool available to LCC users in myLCC. Adkit is your way to use our designs created for you, load your LCC logo, translate headlines and texts, possibly load own pictures and have a finished design for plenty of marketing material ready at the click of a button.

All done in 2 minutes! Easy, user-friendly- without any pre-knowledge or design skills needed!

Best of all: All designs are in the full LCC Corporate Identify and predesigned by us for you. And this means, you can even apply for the LCC marketing fund worth up to 500 Euro once you use the templates in your local LCC with your logo!

After having talked to many LCC employees we gathered your needs on which templates and designs you needed most – and created all of these point of sale promotional templates in the new look and feel of Lufthansa City Center.

Enter AdKit now and discover the brand new templates for:

  • LCC Brochures with 4 or 8 pages
  • LCC Welcome Home Card in new design
  • LCC Gift voucher
  • LCC Mailing Template 1-pager
  • LCC Facebook Profile Picture
  • LCC Birthday Cards
  • LCC Luggage Tags
  • LCC Event invitations with response element
  • LCC Roll Up banners
  • LCC Forest fyler in new design
  • LCC Table stand up display for local picture upload
  • LCC A3 posters for your shop window

What do you need in additon?
Which templates are you always looking for your daily use? Tell us and we prepare the design for you. For the perfect Corporate Identity in your local marketing activities!

Simply write an email to

Get 500 Euro for your Regional Campaign!

Your Team, Face and Competence in Focus!

Marketing is all about authenticity – and recommendations! And trust from customers towards you! And marketing is all about making a difference – and staying in the memory of customers. This is why the LCC global marketing campaign launched last year changed the entire LCC look and feel!

The global marketing campaign – what is the look and feel?

  • The new campaign also includes for the first time an own LCC Key Visual: An add on visual with the dynamic swoosh and global key message: We are 650 agencies with 5600 dedicated people in over 80 countries!
  • At the same time the LCC slogan was changed “ Your travel agency- World-Wide” – highlighting that we are the global travel expert network, not to be mixed up with Lufthansa as airline.
  • Exclusive illustrations designed only for us replace the standard travel motifs of beaches and landscapes. These illustrations, similar to hand-made paintings underline: We are the “artists of travel”!
  • Standard (Static) models are replaced with real dynamic models representing fun, various target groups, action and a positive spirit with all kinds of journeys (adventure, sports, golf, cruise, globetrotters, family motifs)
  • A new text structure focuses on recommendations: Our new headlines always start with a “We”, such as “We offer the harbor for any journey” – as we want to underline the strong personal relationship to our product and our customer.
  • All advertisements include your personal recommendation with the sub-headline: “Our recommendation. For you” as we do not sell a product only, but our personal and subjective recommendation, a tip to trust in!
Get 500 Euro for your Regional Campaign!

Your Team, Face and Competence in Focus!

***Brand-New”””: YOU ENTER THE STAGE!

As of July 2015, we now start a brand-new focus of our current campaign: The regional, the local focus we also introduced at the Regional Meetings: Special designs for advertisements or stand up signs and stuffers or posters you can place on your desk, in your shop window, on your website highlighting YOU as the model.

How does the new regional template look like?

  • The templates always carry an LCC illustration in the background plus a Polaroid picture frame which needs to be filled with YOUR picture
  • Our texts are only an inspiration, can be fully changed and translated, backgrounds can be changed between all illustrations on stock
  • Your own LCC logo will be automatically uploaded in AdKit

What are the four steps to work with the new templates?

  1. Open Adkit – choose the advertisement section and open the “regional advertisements”
  2. Update or translate the headline and text
  3. Upload your own picture (or your teammate, or your team) into the Polaroid picture frame to promote his/her personal competence, press finish – and all costs for preparing the design and “finetuning” of the uploaded picture motif are fully covered by the LCC Headquarters.
  4. Done!

Our ideas for your next local ad:
“I am John - your Africa Discoverer and Expert for any wildlife adventure”

Upload the picture of your Africa specialist, change the headline to “Johns recommendation. For you: Safari Lodge with special Elephants Breakfast in the desert” – change to the globetrotters illustration as background - press finish!

You can be become creative now! All you need to prepare is…

  1. Pictures of your teammates or teams in excellent resolution and good quality
  2. A good headline
  3. A personal recommendation (offer or image text)
  4. Access to myLCC and Adkit – done!

It cannot be easier! Start the design right away – in AdKit! Focus on your local competence and share your final designs with us and access the extra marketing fund worth up to 500 Euro per LCC! Be authentic, be yourself, make the difference!

LCC Goes Viral

LCC Travel Tips for Your Customers

What is the biggest internet search engine in the world, after google? It is Youtube!
Millions of users looking for travel tips, travel inspirations, destination know-how or hotels use youtube already today. Today, people long for emotional attraction: Pictures and videos speak more than 1,000 words. This is why viral activities, which also include videos become more and more important. Also LCC is very active here and started in 2015 with a new video campaign: The authentic LCC video world tour with real LCC travel tips from LCC employees to LCC customers.

Why the video approach? As we sell dreams, destinations, personal recommendations and emotions in our day to day business, customers trust our personal views far more than any general advertisement. As LCC connects 5,600 employees from all over the world, who do not just sell a destination, but were born and raised in this country. Nothing can be more authentic than the real LCC colleague at the 85 countries we are represented in! We need no models- we have the real people – everywhere in the world!

Have a look at the first two videos we just finished, with personal insider tips shared by Lucia and Marian, the first two volunteers based in our LCC in Italy and Poland.

Where to use the videos?

  • Check the global LCC youtube channel and link your youtube channel or your website to our youtube channel to gain more clicks.
  • Integrate the videos in your next customer event on Italy or Poland.
  • Start a HTML newsletter promoting Poland or Italy with a local travel offer and include the local travel video in there
  • Load the video to Facebook and spread it to your network

Do you want to volunteer for your home city and the next LCC travel tip – then contact the marketing team!

LCC Achievements

Best Seller of Royal Carribbean Cruises

Every year Royal Carribbean Cruises awards the best selling travel agency in the region. We are proud to announce that in 2014, our LCC QualityBrasil in Brazil achieved the first place. Congratulations to the whole team for this fabulous work!

LCC Amir Opens Booth for Luxury Clients

On 17th January 2015, LCC Amir in Iran held an impressive opening celebration for their newly created information booth and pickup point especially designed for luxury clients. 150 guests, the sales manager of Lufthansa in Iran and the local TV and press gathered to attend this important event that took place in the Palladium Mall next to the new counter. The agency is one of the first in Iran to start this kind of approach of reaching out to new customer groups and their efforts already paid off as the currents numbers show.

We as a LCC Amir believe that our business will grow up every day by continuing to advertise at this level and introducing the LCC brand to our luxury clients.
Amir h. Ghasem Khani, LCC Amir, Iran

LCC Achievements

HelpAlliance and LCC Support Prana Project in India

For many years now, LCC is cooperating with the aid organization HelpAlliance supporting different projects around the world. Our current project successfully realized is the Prana Project in Pondicherry, India. Since 10 years the Prana school in Pondicherry, India takes care of successful education of children with special needs coming from different religions and casts. In order to protect the children from diseases, it was more than necessary to redevelop the sanitary facilities with a basic standard of hygiene this year. With the support of LCC and the cooperation with HelpAlliance the roof, leaky pipes and broken flushes could be repaired and the toilet hut could be renovated. Click here for more information on the Prana project.

Mexican Food sponsored by Hertz

During last webinar with our Preferred Car Rental Supplier Hertz, all participants had the chance to take part in a quiz and win a sponsored team lunch for their agency. LCC Travesias Mundiales were the lucky ones winning the jackpot. Thanks to Hertz they enjoyed a delicious Mexican lunch in their favorite restaurant.

A big thanks to Hertz from the entire team for the opportunity to have this fantastic team activity!
Daphne Flores, LCC Travesias Mundiales, Mexico

Jubilees and Entries

Our network is filled with unbelievable success stories that we want to share with all of you. Be it a travel industry or an LCC award, a personal achievement that affects the work within LCC, a special cooperation between LCC agencies or any other accomplishment that makes our network so special and one of a kind. We are honoured to have such high-performers within the LCC network and congratulate you for your outstanding effort, courage and skills!
Aves Travel
Tallinn, Estonia
LCC member since: 1.4.2010
NHE Travel
Hong-Kong, China
LCC member since: 1.4.2010
Polaris Travel
Szczecin, Poland
LCC member since: 1.5.2010
Pearl International
New Delhi, India
LCC member since: 1.6.2010
Travac Business Travel
Zurich, Switzerland
LCC member since: 1.5.2005
Triways Travel Network
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
LCC member since: 1.5.2005
Salbusiness 1929
Bologna, Italy
LCC member since: 3.4.2000
Gärtner Reisen
St. Pölten, Austria
LCC member since: 4.4.2000
Lehyan Travel
Tangier, Morocco
LCC member since: 19.4.2000
Vigo, Spain
LCC member since: 1.5.2000
Fratelli Cosulich
Trieste, Italy
LCC member since: 11.5.2000
Orbita Tour Partner
Moscow, Russia
LCC member since: 11.5.2000

Jubilees and Entries

Our network is filled with unbelievable success stories that we want to share with all of you. Be it a travel industry or an LCC award, a personal achievement that affects the work within LCC, a special cooperation between LCC agencies or any other accomplishment that makes our network so special and one of a kind. We are honoured to have such high-performers within the LCC network and congratulate you for your outstanding effort, courage and skills!
Bestours Viajes
Barcelona, Spain
LCC member since: 24.5.2000
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Global Holiday Tour
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Belgrade, Serbia
Cesson Sevigne, France
Plaza Holidays
Amman, Jordan
SMAS Travels
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia