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Discover Unique Festivals Around the World

The best way to become one with the rhythm and heartbeat of a country, its culture and lifestyle, is to join a local celebration or festivity.

Dear LCC colleagues,

It is unbelievable how time flies. It feels like just yesterday that we were sitting down with family and friends, making resolutions for the year to come. However, we have to remind ourselves that even when time flies by, WE are still the pilots. We are in charge of how we organize and shape our lives! If you feel that work is slowly taking over your personal live, then have a look at the article about work-life-balance in our brand new section LCCOutsidetheBox. From now on, this section will bring you articles about topics that do not necessarily relate to the travel industry but affect us in different ways on a daily basis. In this edition we have also included an interesting overview of the traveler of the future.

In the future, being present in the online world will become indispensable. Therefore having a solid online strategy is of immense importance to our network. As of June we are offering different Social Media webinars covering topics from Facebook, to Twitter and Instagram – suited for all levels of experience. In addition, for our marketing circle members we have two interesting webinars coming up on Guerilla Marketing and Referral Marketing.

If you are planning a marketing activity or customer event then do not miss the chance to apply for the LCC CQM Cash Bonus. Find out more information about the application procedure as well as best practice examples in the section LCCMarketing. We are also happy to announce that the online shop for our new LCC Corporate Fashion is now available via a link in myLCC.

This year is one full of celebrations for Lufthansa City Center as exactly 25 years ago the first LCC travel agency opened its doors in Dresden, Germany. A lot has happened since that day. Take a walk down memory lane together with your managing director Klaus

Henschel and find out why snow and karaoke are some of his favourite memories of LCC. In the section LCC25 you can learn about 25 of the most common cultural misunderstandings that might be useful when you are planning your next trip. Look out for more fun facts with the number 25 in the upcoming editions.

Do you remember our LCC mascot Smyls? We would like to give this little guy the chance to take a trip around the world. For this we need your help! Find out about our new social media activity in the section LCCShareEconomy and get ready for lots of selfies!

your LCC Headquarters

New LCC Corporate Fashion

Try the New LCC Look

Here it is: The new designed LCC Corporate Fashion – modern, comfortable and and simply a tailor-made, perfect fit.

The main aim in creating this new fashion line was to add more flexibility and a more modern style. This is why now two fashion lines are introduced to you - a classic and a modern line. The colour of jackets and trousers changed back to basic dark blue. Besides the usual items we added chino pants, cardigans, polo shirts and t-shirts to enable a wider combination radius. The dark blue colour invites to be freshened up with the also redesigned accessories such as scarves and ties. Individuality and style characterise the new fashion line but still coming with the known, elegant aspect.

What are you waiting for? Try out the new LCC style!

In myLCC you find the direct link to the LCC fashion store.

LCC Festival Book

Discover Unique Festivals Around the World

Travelling is more than visiting breathtaking places and escaping the stress of everyday life. We travel to discover other cultures and to collect sensual experiences. The best way to become one with the rhythm and heartbeat of a country, its culture and lifestyle, is to join a local celebration or festivity. These are the special memories you will never forget.

After the great success of our LCC Local Culinary Creations, we have recently published our second e-brochure, the brand new LCC Festival Guide “Life is a Celebration” showcasing a unique collection of traditional, music, culinary, arts and culture festivals around the world. The booklet includes the favourite celebrations, hidden gems and insider tips from our local travel experts.

You will be astonished by the amazing variety of festivals we have collected with the support of numerous LCC employees worldwide. Browse through the LCC Festival Guide here and see how you can inspire them for their next journey. On our GIN platform, you will find special festival offers provided by our local travel experts to create individual memories for your customers.

Share the most authentic and enriching festivals worldwide with your customers – how?

  • Post the festival guide link on your Facebook page
  • Install the festival guide on your LCC website
  • Send the festival guide to your customer as a valuable gift for special occasions
  • Use the festival guide as mailing for potential new customers to discover the LCC World

If you would like to order the printed version of the festival book, please contact the marketing team at

A special thanks again to all LCC who have contributed to this wonderful project!

Our first e-brochure “LCC Local Culinary Creations” has been a great success and our stock of printed copies has been sold out fast. In the course of printing the festival book, we would like to give you the opportunity to order additional printed copies of our “LCC Local Culinary Creations”. Contact the marketing team for orders and as soon we have a reasonable amount of order we will start the printing.

lufthansa city center’s Top 25

25 Most Common Cultural Misunderstandings

We at Lufthansa City Center do not only work in a global business environment, as travel ambassadors we should also be able to advise our customers on cultural differences. Learning about another culture while travelling is fun, but not knowing enough in advance can sometimes lead to accidental offense. Therefore, we have collected some of the most common cultural mistakes for you.

  1. In most countries shaking your head in horizontal direction means “no” whereas in India it means “yes” – so always be aware of your gestures.
  2. While in most countries laughing is connoted with happiness, in Japan it is often a sign of confusion, insecurity and embarrassment.
  3. Please don’t take photos of Native Americans or Australian Aborigines without their approval – they strongly believe a photograph not only captures a moment but a soul.
  4. Showing the soles of your shoes or feet or tapping someone else with your shoe comes across as an offense in Arabic countries – never sit with your legs crossed when being together with Muslims.
  1. When being invited as a guest for lunch or dinner in China you should never eat up your meal as it symbolizes the host that he has provided too less food and you’re belly is not filled yet.
  2. Touching someone’s arm when talking to them is offensive in Korea, Thailand, China and the Middle East.
  3. Whereas in Germany and Switzerland it is often seen as extremely rude when arriving late for a social gathering, guests are expected to arrive around half an hour late in Mediterranean European countries and Latin America.
  4. Never stick your chopsticks upright in your rice or pass food directly from one set of chopsticks to another in Asia – these are symbols of the dead and important rituals during a Japanese funeral.
  5. Don’t shake the hand of your host over the threshold of a door in Russia as it is considered to bring bad luck.
  6. If you are travelling to the South Pacific or parts of East Asia, you will need to take off your shoes before entering a home, and especially religious temples, as a sign of respect.
  1. For Americans, not making direct eye contact can be considered rude, indifferent or weak, but in Korea and Japan prolonged eye contact will make a local feel very uncomfortable.
  2. In Western countries patting someone on the head is usually seen as affectionate, however, in the majority of Buddhist countries it is the most offensive thing you can do because the head is considered a sacred part of the human body.
  3. Enduring silence in a conversation is perceived as comfortable in Japan, whereas in Europe and North America it may cause insecurity and embarrassment.
lufthansa city center’s Top 25

25 Most Common Cultural Misunderstandings

  1. In West Africa moving the thumb up (just as the Facebook like gesture) is seen as rude and impolite.
  2. In Muslim countries it is important to know which hand to use when offering or accepting good and other gifts. The right hand is used for eating and shaking hands whereas the left hand is used for cleaning yourself.
  3. In Japan, Thailand, China, Finland and some areas of Africa it’s offensive to have a conversation over dinner. Instead, you should focus on eating to show your appreciation for the food.
  4. Some cultures find it disgusting to blow your nose in public and many Japanese prefer to take preventative measures by putting on a mask in public.
  5. Try to avoid turning down vodka in Russia – when it’s offered, it’s a sign of trust and friendship, in turn, if you are Russian, please avoid offering alcohol to Muslims.
  6. Also the colour of your clothing can cause offense in some countries: never wear yellow in Malaysia as this colour is reserved for royalty; in China, you will make a good impression by wearing read which is considered lucky.
  1. If you meet strangers, be aware of the variance in personal space one needs in order to feel comfortable. While most Europeans like to keep one or two meters’ space between strangers, Saudi Arabians often stand very close to one another, even to those they don’t know well.
  2. If you give a gift to or receive a gift from a Vietnamese or Japanese, you should always do it with two hands. By the way, this also applies to business cards.
  3. Don’t give clocks or umbrellas as gifts in China. They’re seen as unlucky because the Chinese words for ‘clock’ and ‘umbrella’ sound like the words for death and separation.
  4. Giving flowers to a host in Russia is very welcome, however, you should ask the florist for an uneven number of flowers, as an even bunch of flowers is only used at funerals.
  5. When you are invited to someone’s birthday in the Netherlands, it is a habit to wish all relatives and friends a Happy Birthday as well.
  1. Londoners are not known for their patience: Don’t stand on the left on a London escalator, unless you’re prepared for the wrath of stressed out commuters.

Do you know some other common misunderstandings that happened to you during your travels? Let us know at!

25th Anniversary of Lufthansa City Center

Snow, Karaoke & New York Cheesecake

Lufthansa City Center celebrates a special year in 2016 in honour of its history and future: the network is turning 25!

With so many wonderful memories in the past quarter of a century, we could fill an entire edition with events and pictures. Everyone has one special moment and memories of people, places and events within the LCC family. We managed to catch our managing director, Klaus Henschel, for a short interview on how he personally experienced the past years.

Klaus, it has been 25 years since the first international LCC opened. Do you remember where you were as a 25-year-old?
That is quite a long time ago and time passes so fast. But, I remember the year when I was 25 very well since this was the year when my daughter Christina was born.
What are your three most emotional moments when you look back on 25 years of Lufthansa City Center?
So many sweet memories pop into my head when I start thinking about it. But if I had to pick three, I would say that one of the most

emotional moments for me was our LCC General Assembly in Austria in 2005. We were lucky to experience wonderful winter weather and for some LCC colleagues, this was the first time in their life that they had ever seen snow. I will never forget their incredible first reactions.

I can also still remember the revealing of the LCC Corporate Song for the first time on the General Assembly in Alicante. This was a very special moment. All of the LCC colleagues in the plenary spontaneously stood up and sang together with us. This was an amazing community spirit and gave me goosebumps.

But I also remember a very sad moment: the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11. It completely changed our world and also how we do business. This date and the time will never be forgetten. It was amazing to see how all of our LCC agencies stood together as one and supported each other.

What is your birthday wish for Lufthansa City Center?
My wish for LCC is for our network to keep growing continuously over the next 25 years in order to stay as successful as we are today.
And lastly, what is your favourite birthday cake?
Definitely New York Cheesecake.

Thank you Klaus for sharing you memories with us! Here is what we should remember when celebrating: A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun. Let’s enjoy the trip!

Global Incoming Network

New Members and Exciting Webinars

The Global Incoming Network has been growing and active since the beginning of the year.

We’d like to cordially welcome our newest LCC GIN Sellers as of March 2016:

These wonderful new additions extend our network to even more countries than before. Our goal at GIN is to offer your clients a breadth of destinations and experiences around the world. Welcome, all new LCC GIN Sellers!

This month, we kicked off our newest webinar series: LCC GIN Destination Webinars. Each webinar is an insider, expert look at our countries available on our GIN Marketplace. Our LCC GIN Sellers will host each webinar and give you information, details and tips to make the most out of your client’s visit to their country. Listen in and learn! And remember: these LCC GIN Sellers can create MICE, group and individual packages for your clients directly in their country.

The following dates are available to join:

You can register for each webinar by clicking on the dates above. We look forward to have you join us!

The first quarter of the year was an exciting time for global events!

Lcc global incoming network

GIN Members Host Important LCC Meetings

In March, we had our annual Meet & Greet at the ITB Berlin with several LCC. Our host, LCC Khazar Travel, was kind enough to share their meeting space with all of us and host a great reunion. LCC GIN Sellers also met the day before the ITB in a private meeting at Sabre International Headquarters in Berlin. Our staff from the GIN Team in Frankfurt shared general updates, news and exchanged new ideas with the sellers. Thanks to the Sabre team for hosting us and providing catering for all of our LCC GIN Sellers!

We’d also like to extend a special thanks to LCC Ozum for their outstanding reception and event for our 2016 Regional Meeting for Latin America. Roberto Reyes and his team held an outstanding reception and event in Mérida, México for our participants. Thank you!

LCC Ozum is your partner for all activities relating to the Copa America taking place in June/July all over the United States. For more information, log onto the GIN Marketplace

You can also find the newest updates and information about our LCC GIN Sellers and the network in our “Press” section on the GIN Marketplace. View our “Top 50 Destinations in 2016” and our past newsletters, Leonid Marmer’s interview with Israeli television and Michel Deswaene’s history of chocolate mousse.

We’d like to remind you that if you or a work colleague needs access to the GIN Marketplace , please contact Robert Clever at We’d be more than happy to help you!

Real People. Real Cities.
Real Moments: Myanmar

My Real Myanmar Secrets

What is the best kept secret of Myanmar?

The travelers will be surprised by the beautiful tree lined roads, well-kept lakes, new and modern buildings and especially the smiling and welcoming people.

What is the best adventure you can have in Myanmar?

Hot Air Ballooning and trekking to the tribes in Kyaing Tong (you may read more about both in the interview).

Which is the most memorable souvenir from Myanmar?

This is very difficult to decide but the best things to find in Myanmar are probably either the handmade lacquer wares or tapestries or for the ones who like jewelry, you should consider buying a jade or ruby.

Which is the most typical meal in Myanmar?

Mohinga is a rice noodle and fish soup and is an essential part of the Myanmar cuisine. It is considered as the national dish of Myanmar and is available everywhere, from high-end restaurants to street hawkers and roadside stalls. Although it is available the whole day, it is usually eaten for breakfast.

Have you ever thought about a trip to Myanmar? Mindin, born and raised in Myanmar, realized the beauty of his home country whilst travelling. He decided to abandon his studies to become an engineer and founded a travel agency. Today, he is the owner of our LCC Columbus Travel in Myanmar. He has shown us Myanmar in such a beautiful way that we are now tempted to go. Read about “the most generous nation in the world” with our interview with Mindin.

Tell us a little bit about you, Mindin, and LCC Columbus Travel:
I founded Columbus Travel in 1993 and started as a little ticketing office with only one employee apart from me. Today, there are about 140 employees working for the company and Columbus Travel is one of the most experienced inbound operators in Myanmar. Following our company policy, we make sure every customer returns with a backpack full of good memories and impressions of Myanmar.

Tell us about membership in the LCC Global Incoming Network (GIN). When and why did you become a member of LCC GIN?

In today’s business and especially in tourism, we cannot survive without good networks. For us as a ticketing and incoming agency, the LCC network is the perfect choice. We can issue tickets for our partners all around the globe. This is our biggest strength, which our competitors do not have. Besides, the strong brand of Lufthansa supports us when we apply for new business.

As we have been in the incoming business for 23 years and know how difficult it is to find reliable partners, it was a natural decision to join the LCC Global Incoming Network. When we received the letter from Nadine Spang informing us about GIN, we immediately confirmed our participation. Now, we have the chance to get in touch with many potential and reliable partners in one single platform. This is what we have been waiting for. We have yet to receive business from within the network but we are sure that we will receive the first inquiries soon. It always takes a little bit of time for a new concept to establish itself and to achieve the set targets. Besides, Myanmar is a new destination to most of our LCC partners. Therefore, we are sure we will get some incoming business soon.

What makes Myanmar so special and why do you think your colleagues from all over the world should send their customers to your country?

Myanmar offers a variety of beautiful nature and historical artefacts. For nature lovers there are huge rivers and graceful lakes, enchanting caves, sparkling beaches and sub tropical jungles waiting to be discovered. But the most unique experience is to meet the Burmese people, who are kind, gentle, helpful, friendly and always smiling. As a matter of fact, Myanmar was ranked as “the most generous nation in the world”.

Mindin from LCC Columbus Travel

If I would like to experience Myanmar, which trip would you suggest?
Myanmar offers a variety of beautiful nature and historical artefacts. For nature lovers there are huge rivers and graceful lakes, enchanting caves, sparkling beaches and sub tropical jungles waiting to be discovered. But the most unique experience is to meet the Burmese people, who are kind, gentle, helpful, friendly and always smiling. As a matter of fact, Myanmar was ranked as “the most generous nation in the world”.

Start your trip in Yangon, the gateway to Myanmar. Yangon, formerly “Rangoon” or the “Garden City of the East”, is an amalgamation of British, Burmese, Chinese and Indian influences. It is known for its colonial architecture and still remains an almost unique example of a 19th-century British colonial capital. Visit the main attraction “Shwedagon Pagoda”, which dominates the skyline of Yangon. It is covered with 11 tons of pure gold, more than 1,800 carats of diamonds and other precious gems. It requires a two-night stay to have enough time to explore the riverfront life, visit China Town and Indian Town, the Colonial Town and the local markets.

From Yangon, you can go to Bagan to enjoy three days of ancient architecture in contrast to the modern facilities like Hot Air Ballooning and Luxury Cruises. This 10th century archaeological site is considered to be one of the richest and most amazing sites of Asia. Located on the banks of the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) River, Bagan is the home of the largest and densest concentration of Buddhist temples, pagodas, stupas and ruins in the world. Most of them are from the 11th and 12th centuries. It is estimated that once there were more than 13,000 temples and stupas on the 42 sq km area. Today, there are approximately about 2,000 temples and stupas remaining. Marco Polo once described Bagan as “a gilded city alive with tinkling bells and the swishing sounds of monks’ robes”.

After those three days, you should proceed to the Inle Lake. You will find this serene and picturesque scenery in the Western Shane State. Enjoy the tranquility and the landscape of the vast natural lake which is famous for the floating villages, gardens and markets and especially, the Intha people with their own different world living in communities entirely based on the water. On your trip, you may see fishermen on their little boats, steering it with one leg wrapped around the oar and craftsmen like silk weavers or silversmiths plying their trades on the lake. And as with all in Myanmar, you may see numerous of pagodas and monasteries on the lake and its shores.

On your way to Kyaing Tong, the trekking paradise of Myanmar, stop by at the city of Mandalay, which is the town described by author Rudyard Kipling in his famous poem of the same name. If you choose Kyaing Tong as your next destination, you are probably keen on trekking and seeing ethnic tribes. It requires taking another three nights in this small town far away from the usual tourist trails famous for its scenic beauty and colourful hill tribes. Explore this magic spot with gracious people and its extraordinary beautiful natural environment.

Could you tell us more about the hot air ballooning?
Sure, this can be done from Bagan. The ballooning affords visitors a unique opportunity to see this ancient kingdom from a perspective that is seldom seen. The champagne flights start either early in the morning at sunrise or an hour before sunset drifting silently over a panorama of thousands of ancient pagodas, the shadow of low-slung mountains and the banks of the mighty Irrawaddy River. The passengers can admire the fabulous stupas start glowing in the dusk and blazing in vibrant colours when the sun climbs up from the far horizon. The landscape slowly starts being alive. Lazy smoke from the cooking fires drifts between the stupas, lines of red-robed monks collect alms and the children scream and wave in excitement at your passage

overhead.This is truly an adventure of a lifetime and no visit can be complete without a balloon flight over the fantastic jewel of Bagan.

What would be a good time to visit Myanmar to experience a real tradition of Myanmar?
This would be in the mid of April, where we have our New Year’s celebrations with “Thingyan”, the “Water festival”. It always takes place toward the end of the dry and hot season and usher in the Myanmar New Year. The festival lasts three to five days and is celebrated by standing on bamboo stages erected along the streets, splashing water on one another and powerful water pipes dousing people driving by in jeeps and trucks. This all happens as part of the cleansing ritual to welcome the New Year. Only monks and elderly people are safe from the unwillingly water splashing.

This sounds like fun and a very nice tradition. Do you have more of these traditions in Myanmar?
Not exactly, but we have the Ayeyarwaddy Dolphins, the Fishermen’s friends. The fresh-water dolphin inhabits the Ayeyarwaddy River between Mandalay and Bhamo. The most

incredible thing about them is their relationship to the local fishermen. By splashing the river with an oar and tapping a stick repeatedly on the side of the boats the fishermen call the dolphins. They would come and circle a group of fishes into their cast nets. Afterwards, the dolphins will be rewarded with the bycatch. This unique fishing method has sustained for generations and is a remarkable example of the coexistence of humans and nature.

Thank you, Mindin! You gave us a great impression of Myanmar and I am sure many people would now love to come and visit you in your beautiful country.


Azerbaijani Hospitality Warms LCC Hearts

The LCC ITB Meet and Greet has already become a tradition in the LCC calendar of events. This year all LCC members and Preferred Suppliers were invited to visit the booth of the Azerbaijan Ministry of Culture and Tourism, who were our host together with our LCC Khazar Travel. More than 100 participants took the chance and the time to meet old friends and to find new colleagues and partners of the big LCC family from all over the world. LCC members and Preferred Suppliers together with LCC Headquarters enjoyed two hours of wonderful talks and finally delicious food and tasty drinks.

A big Thank You goes to Aida Aliyeva and the whole team of the LCC Khazar Travel as well as to Emil Safarov and the team of the Azerbaijan Ministry of Culture and Tourism for their great support and their effort for making this a memorable LCC ITB Meet & Greet. We are already looking forward to the ITB 2017 and the upcoming LCC events:

10th – 12th April 2016, Regional Meeting EMEA, Gdansk
20th – 22nd April 2016, Regional Meeting APAC, Langkawi
21st – 23rd July 2016,Employee Forum, Frankfurt
10th – 13th November 2016, General Assembly, Rome

To see more picture of the LCC ITB Meet & Greet, click here

The Must-Have Travel Apps in 2016

As professional travel consultant, you sure want to have all the practical information handy way before you land in a new country. And even though you might have visited it before, you certainly didn’t get the chance to see all the places that are to be seen. You want to make sure to know your rights and be informed instantly about any gate changes? So before you pack your bags and see the world, check out these travel apps that should anticipate all your on-the-road needs. Why not pass on these valuable apps to your customers as well?

Language made easy

You are in a different city and you did not know the language? Than Bravolo is the perfect app for you. It’s a basic phrasebook in over 13 languages. Although the vocabulary is fairly basic, the app pronounces phrases and offers phonetic spelling, which is great for languages that might not be familiar or feature different alphabets. The best part is that once it is downloaded, no internet connection is required.

Broadcast your life

“Explore the world through the eyes of somebody else” is how Periscope sells itself. The app allows you to broadcast video, live from anywhere in the world to your followers. If they’re not all online to see you in action though, you can store it so they can replay later.

Share your location

Glympse is a fast, free, and simple way to share your location in real-time. You set who sees you and for how long. Send a Glympse to let friends and family know you are on your way. Request a Glympse from a colleague who is always running late. Set up a Glympse group for your family reunion. Its safe, flexible, and easy. Whether on mobile, tablet, or desktop, anyone can receive a Glympse, no software or setup required.

Be just a step ahead

You can transform your phones into a GPS tour guide with the Just Ahead app. Using GPS, the app narrates notable scenery along the way and shares info as you drive through certain parts of the country. You can hear stories, tips and facts about the sights you pass. No wifi or cellular service needed. Just Ahead boasts more points of interest than any other audio guides out there.
LCC General Assembly Corporate Travel 2016

Clear Business Focus on SMEs

This year’s LCC General Assembly Corporate Travel had one clear motto: “Focus on the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)”. Nearly 80 LCC Business Travel agencies came together on March 1st in Wiesbaden to hear more about the LCC Corporate Travel Road Map for 2016. The overall aim is to strengthen LCC’s market position as the leading provider for business travel to small and medium-sized enterprises. In the past year, LCC acquired more than 500 new clients from this sector.

The entire package of measures that was compiled by the LCC Headquarters together with the LCC Business Travel colleagues consists of 25 action points with one common goal: to increase profitability and the competitiveness of the franchisees. These action points include, for example, cooperative marketing with strong partners, social media activities and optimization of the website to call more attention to new customers.

More personal consulting, individual service, proximity to the customer and a broad product portfolio are only a few of the competitive advantages of Lufthansa City Center. But the most important feature that distinguishes us from our business rivals is that the LCC themselves belong to the SME sector and thus know about the challenges.
Klaus Henschel, Managing Director
LCC starts cooperation with TbO Holidays

New Hotel Portal in LCC Supplier Portfolio

Lufthansa City Center recently added TBO Holidays as a B2B travel portal for hotels, transfers and holiday packages into the supplier portfolio. At the ITB in Berlin, we had the chance to meet with Gaurav Bhatnagar, Managing Director and LCC contact person, to chat with him about this new partnership.

Why should LCC use TBO Holidays?
TBO Holidays is an end to end solution for selling accommodations and holidays worldwide. We go much beyond just being a booking engine for hotel rooms. Some of the salient features of the system are:

  • Inventory in over 200,000 hotels worldwide
  • Easy use of the booking system (white labeled website and different language options)
  • Flexible payment options (e.g payment in local currency)
  • Back office staff that reconfirm every booking directly by calling the hotel

What does TBO stand for?
TBO stands for “Travel Boutique Online”. We started almost 10 years ago with the vision of empowering travel agents through

technology. We have stuck by that vision and every decision that we take must go towards further fulfilling this promise and vision.

What do you like most about working with LCC?
LCC brings a very diverse mix of travel agencies from all over the world on a single platform. It is a great forum for a supplier to reach out to reputed travel agents worldwide.

How would you describe TBO Holidays in 3 words?
“Technology Inspiring Travel”

How long have you been working for TBO Holidays?
I am one of the two founders, so I guess I have been working for TBO Holidays since the day it was conceptualised!

When and where did you go for your last vacation? Any insider tips for our LCC?
We did a family vacation to the Pacific Northwest, one of the hidden gems in the US. It’s an amazingly beautiful region that is often missed out on. I recommend driving up to Mt. Rainier, which is a snow-capped dormant volcano. The views are

breathtaking! And when you visit Seattle, check out the very first Starbucks opposite the Pike Place Market!

Thank you very much, Gaurav for this insightful interview and for getting to know you and your company a little better!

For more information on our new Preferred Suppliers go to myLCC or join the next webinar on 30th March here.

TBO Holdiays Fact Sheet

Kick off Mailing TBO Holidays

Userguide TBO Holidays

Service Agreement TBO Holidays

LCC Sales Tip

Europcar Convinces with Costumer Proximity

Rental cars play a major role for travellers – whether as main means of travel or interconnected mobility services at the airport and train station. With the densest car rental network in Germany – 520 locations – and a worldwide station network in 140 countries Europcar provides not only individual mobility solutions but also optimal customer proximity and accessibility to business traveller all over the world. Due to the large network of rental stations Europcar is always where the costumers are.

As Europe’s leading car rental company Europcar offers travellers a comprehensive portfolio of services that reflects its extensive commitment to costumer service. At Europcar numerous extras, like navigation systems, can be booked easily.

With additional services such as delivery and collection service, one way rentals, 24-hour roadside assistance, additional driver, diesel booking, elite models and eReady Service, which allows a faster collection of the vehicle, the car rental company makes a significant contribution to the individual mobility solutions of its costumers and designs the rental experience easier and more convenient.

Europcar rewards customer loyality: Thanks to the free Privilege Card Program travellers benefit from attractive international advantages and discounts. For example Privilege offers free weekends, vehicle upgrades, ReadyService® and exclusive benefits at Europcar`s partner Accor Hotels. Furthermore Europcar has introduced a new status for the most loyal customers: The black Privilege Elite VIP card rewards for example with a double vehicle upgrade.

Worldwide travellers can take advantage of the mobility solutions of Europcar and travel carefree for example because of the all-inclusive package “EP15”. It offers customers numerous included additional services like the airport and train station fee, the collision damage waiver/theft protection, the exclusion of deductible in any case of damage, unlimited mileage, an additional driver and winter tires (in Germany). This all-inclusive package is bookable for rentals in Germany and also 45 other countries worldwide.

Download Europcar Rate Overview
Sales Tip From Etihad Airways

Etihad Airways Present: The Unforgettables

How would you like to win an experience of a lifetime? Instead of watching some of the most exclusive events in the world from your TV or your laptop, we’re giving you the chance to be there in person.

Every month, win all-inclusive trips that include front row seats at the most celebrated fashion weeks, VIP hospitality at the world’s top football leagues, and tickets to the most prestigious film festivals.

The Grand prize theme include fashion, sports and entertainement events. We are also giving away 100 shopping vouchers every month worth $250.

How can you take part?

  • You must be a SuperSeller member. If you are not yet a member, please sign up today at
  • Register to the promotion on
  • Book your customers in The Residence, First, Business or Economy Class to any destination in our global network.
  • Enter your SuperSeller number on the GDS while booking
  • Earn points per tickets: 30 points for The Residence, 10 for First, 5 for Business and 1 for Economy
  • A draw will be held at the end of every month and winners will walk away with fantastic prize
  • The March prizes include a package for 2 to attend the Cannes Film Festival and a package for 2 to attend the UEFA Champions League Final.

Sell Etihad to win these fantastic prizes!
For any question on The Unforgettables or SuperSeller, please get in touch with Sandrine Morvan on

Download the flyer “Win your pass to unforgettable experiences”
German National Tourist Board

Germany as an Attractive Destination

Interview with Petra Hedorfer, Chief Executive Officer of the German National Tourist Board (GNTB)

How can Destination Germany make an impact in international travel agency sales in 2016? The international popularity of Destination Germany continues to grow. In 2015 we recorded almost 80 million overnight stays by visitors from abroad – a record result for Destination Germany for the sixth year running. In the ranking of major European travel destinations Germany has again significantly consolidated its second place below Spain and above France.

This is due to a number of different reasons. We offer an excellent infrastructure, great value for money by international comparison and a wide range of attractive tourism offerings in all of the regions, towns and cities across Germany.

Which themes are already much in demand?
Germany is the most popular cultural destination in Europe, due in no small part to our 40 UNESCO World Heritage sites. We are also the top travel destination for young Europeans aged between 15 and 24. And Germany is also the most popular choice for travellers from around the world looking for luxury holidays in Europe.

Which themes are you going to promote more heavily in future?
In addition to its wealth of history and culture, Germany also offers magnificent natural landscapes. The 16 national parks, 15 UNESCO biosphere reserves and more than 100 nature parks together constitute our national landscapes. They represent more than one third of Germany’s land area and are under special protection. We are using the campaign ‘Holidays in the heart of nature’ to draw the attention of travel agencies and consumers to these special treasures.

The GNTB and the LCCI have been in partnership for a year. What activities are planned for 2016?
The GNTB will take advantage of the global LCCI network to use a range of online marketing measures, and will participate

in LCCI events, online training courses and webinars to promote Destination Germany. We firmly believe that this will help our LCCI partners to be even more proactive and successful when selling Germany as a tourist destination to their customers.

In return, the LCCI is represented at the ITB for the first time this year, exhibiting at the Germany stand.

Where can I get more information?
Consumers and travel professionals can find extensive information about Destination Germany on our website

Destination Quiz

Social Media Activity

#travelwithLCC - Send the LCC Mascot Around the World!

It is time for Lufthansa City Center to start our own social media activity! Help us to spread the LCC brand and send our little LCC mascot Smyls on a journey of a lifetime.

What do you have to do?

  • Print the Smyls button template and cut out your personal Smyls button
  • Have your Smyls button with you on your travels and take a selfie with him whenever you can
  • Upload the picture to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtags #lufthansacitycenter and #travelwithlcc

We are already looking forward following Smlys‘ journey online!

LCC refurnish their office

The Look and Feel of LCC

Are you thinking about rebranding your office? Do you want to welcome your customers and your employees in a friendly, bright and modern atmosphere? Do you want a travel shop which invites you and your customers to feel comfortable? If you have answered these questions with a clear “Yes!” than have a look and let our LCC colleagues from Romania and Moldova inspire you! We proudly present two successful implementations of offices’ with Lufthansa City Center branding.

LCC Kron-Tour, Romania and LCC Amadeus Travel, Moldova refashioned their offices completely with a new welcome board, a new outdoor sign, modern furniture and the warm Lufthansa City Center colors which create a very lovely atmosphere.

Commitment and Quality Monitoring RELaunch 2016

Boost Your LCC Image and Get Your Cash Back!

By being part of an international network with certain brand regulations and standards, it is important to preserve the quality and brand appearance. This starts with small things like using the correct stationary, business cards and e-mail signature and ends with the complete LCC branding of a travel agency including outdoor sign and welcome board.

But there are even more factors that are crucial to make sure you get the most out of your Lufthansa City Center membership and to ensure that the network can be continuously enhanced. Therefore in 2005 a quality rating system (LCC Commitment and Quality Monitoring (CQM)) was created to measure the brand standards of all LCC members and to motivate to constantly grow and improve.

New rating system makes it easier
In 2016, the CQM has been modified and simplified. Only by reaching a “Yes” in all categories your agency will be evaluated as a Top Performance LCC Travel Agency. Every travel agency will be evaluated in the following four categories.

  1. LCC Appearance
    LCC Stationery and LCC Office Appearance according to LCC Corporate Identity. This includes business cards, 1st letter page, e-mail signature, outdoor sign, furniture and welcome board.
  2. LCC Facts & Data
    Your profile must be 100% completed. Deadlines will be communicated every year by our LCC Franchise Support Team in advance.
  3. LCC Franchise Agreement 3 & Code of Cooperation/Conduct
    Both official documents must be signed.
  4. LCC Payment
    All LCC members must pay the Annual Franchise Fee (AFF) by the deadline.

Get your money back
As a Top Performance LCC Travel Agency, you are making perfect use of the LCC network and are actively helping to develop it further . Additionally, you are in the unique position to apply for the “LCC CQM Cash Bonuses” which are cash inventives that are awarded upon successful completion certain CQM activities.

For more information on the 11 LCC Cash Bonuses click here. Detailed information on the new rating system can be found here.

Commitment and Quality Monitoring

Our Top Rated LCC Travel Agencies

Our network is full of committed, professional, passionate and hard working LCC agencies. Every day they invest a lot of effort, fervent energy and heart and soul to keep up the quality and passion in the network. 85 LCC have every right to be proud of being rated as “Superior LCC” with the best performance throughout the year 2015.

We would need pages to display all the activities and achievements of all 85 “3 stars agencies” in this magazine. In this article we highlight only one LCC as representative of the region followed by a complete list of all LCC members having achieved the highest score.

A big applause to all of you who for this outstanding dedication and superior partnership!

Central America, South America & Caribbean

Top performer:
LCC Pan Alliance, Panama

Here are some extraordinary examples of activities that made them reaching this status:

  • Receiving 105 customer responses with the LCC Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire during 2015
  • promoting the LCC brand with marketing activities via social media, newsletters and branded giveaways.

Followed by: LCC Signum Travel, Mexico; LCC Viajes Humboldt; LCC Travesias Mundiales, Mexico; LCC Viajes Modernos, Panama; LCC Aviatur, Colombia; LCC BK-21, Brazil; LCC BK-21, Brazil; LCC Aviatur, Colombia; LCC Business Class Viagens, Brazil; LCC Hansaperu Travel, Peru; LCC Holam Tour, Brazil; LCC Mapa Viagens, Brazil; LCC Panorama, Paraguay; LCC Socaltur Turismo, Brazil; LCC Susana Piriz VyT, Argentina; LCC Tip Top Travel, Ecuador; LCC TT Operadora, Brazil.

Asia Pacific

Top performer:
LCC NHE Travel, China-Hongkong

LCC NHE Travel has reached 168 customers with the Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire during 2015.

Followed by: LCC Travels & Rentals, LCC Citystate Ardent Travel, LCC af travel.

Eastern Europe

Top Performer:
LCC Amadeus Travel, Moldova

Extraordinary work has been done through activities like:

  • promoted the LCC brand with marketing activities like advertisements in local catalogues
  • branding their booth at tourism fairs and giv- aways.
  • Also their entire office has been rebranded to the LCC furniture concept.

Followed by: LCC Aerotravel, Romania; LCC Altavia Travel, Kosovo; LCC Bis Biuro Podróży, Poland; LCC Elite Travel DMC, Albania; LCC Aves Travel, Estonia; LCC Morea Travel, Hungary; LCC eTravel, Poland; LCC Supertour, Poland; LCC Thomas Cook, Czech Republic; LCC Tourinfo, Russia; LCC Travel Club, Poland; LCC Soleans Service, Russia; LCC VL, Russia; LCC Gaudi, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Commitment and Quality Monitoring

Our Top Rated LCC Travel Agencies

Middle East/Africa (MEA)

Top Performer:
LCC Park Travel, South Africa

Extraordinary work has been done through activities like:

  • promoted the LCC brand with marketing activities like roll-ups, flyer
  • hosting events where the LCC brand was visible to the audience.

Followed by: LCC ATI Travel Agency, Iran; LCC Blue Sky Travel, Egypt; LCC Intercontinental Travel, Saudi-Arabia; LCC Khimji’s House of Travel, Oman; LCC Amir, Iran; LCC Reynolds Travel, South Africa; LCC Lehyan Travel.

Western Europe

Top Performer:
LCC Guindani Viaggi, Italy

Extraordinary work has been done through activities like:

  • exceptional results and a strong local marketing activity though many press releases
  • involving themselves in social projects
  • hosting the LCC Regional Meeting representing a great role model in the LCC Network.

Followed by: LCC Active Tourism, Turkey; LCC Blaguss Touristik, Austria; LCC GS Travel, Greece; LCC GSS International, Greece; LCC Horncastle, United Kindom; LCC Covo Seyahat, Turkey; LCC LCC Il Viaggio, Italy; LCC Blaguss Touristisk, Austria; LCC Scanworld, Sweden; LCC Maxima, Greece; LCC Mondial, Austria; LCC Omnia Travel, Belgium; LCC Orthodoxou Travel, Cyprus; LCC Salbusiness 1929, Italy; LCC Schooner Viaggi, Italy; LCC Skotte Business Travel, Denmark; LCC Vertours, Italy.

We congratulate you and your team for your commitment and great cooperation. Striving for a superior quality – our claim and aim for 2016 demands a clear dedication and commitment of each and every LCC – from the LCC Headquarters to each LCC office, from the managers to each travel consultant. We are looking forward to a successful new year with a new monitoring!

Together we can become stronger and better. We want to be able to support you and guarantee you a strong, successful network of international LCC worldwide, for both you and your customers.

Lcc basic weeks and technology days

4 Days Packed with Knowledge and Fun

For new LCC employees and those who want to freshen up their knowledge about Lufthansa City Center, the LCC Headquarters offers a new trainings concept with four days full to the brim with expert knowledge and LCC spirit.

Structure of the LCC Basic Week

Day 1: LCC Global Supplier Day
This day focuses on getting in contact with your preferred suppliers and experiencing Frankfurt through the eyes of a tourist.

Day 2-3: LCC Network Basics
Day two and the morning of day three will be spent learning how to use and make the most of the LCC network, including products and services and the franchise system.

Day 3-4: LCC Technology Days
The afternoon of day three and the fourth and final day will hone in on the current technology trends in the travel industry, and demonstrate how LCC works to compete in an industry that is constantly growing and evolving.

When are the Basic Weeks?
20.06.-23.06.2016 and 18.07.-20.07.2016 and 24.10.-27.10.2016

What are the costs?
The LCC Global Supplier Day will be fully sponsored. The LCC Network Basics costs 249 EUR excl. VAT. However, within the first year of membership, each LCC agency is permitted to send up to two colleagues free of charge, including two nights of free accommodation. The LCC Technology Day costs 249 EUR excl. VAT.

Hotel bookings will be arranged by LCC and must be paid by the representative of the LCC agency prior to departure.

What is included?
F board will be provided as well as two dinners on the 1st and 3rd night and the transportation to the locations. Lufthansa sponsors a limited number of flights depending on availability and routes.

How can I register?
The registration form can be found in myLCC >> Tools & Applications >> LCC Trainings Registrations.

Should you have any questions about the LCC Basic Weeks then please contact us by e-mail:
We are looking forward to welcoming you to the LCC Headquarters in Frankfurt!

Understanding tomorrows traveller

Discover the Future Traveller Tribes

How does a perfect holiday look like for a Simplicity Searcher? What are the interests of a Cultural Purist? Are your customers Reward Hunters or rather Obligation Meeters? And what is the difference between a Social Capital Seeker and an Ethical Traveller?

Amadeus, one of our Preferred Suppliers, is not only a great technology service provider dedicated to the global travel industry, they are also striving to understand tomorrow’s traveller behaviour. In the context of a truly globalised world, they see the importance to be up to date with the personality traits, values, attitudes, interests and lifestyles of these travellers who will shape the tourism future.

We do not want to withhold you from the answers to the questions above. Simplicity Searchers value ease and transparency in their holiday planning above all else and are willing to outsource their decision-making to trusted parties to avoid having to go through extensive research themselves. Convenience is key for this tribe. Thus, pain-points such as parking your car and carrying your luggage will gradually be eliminated in the future to come closer to truly frictionless travelling.

Cultural Purists travel to immerse themselves in an unfamiliar culture and to engage sincerely with a different way of living. They would like to break away from their daily live and believe that experiences far outweigh things. In today’s society where many cultures take on the Western style of living, it becomes more and more difficult for Cultural Purists to find an authentic travel experience. Thus, you need to become creative to fill this tribe with enthusiasm.

Who does not like to be rewarded for achievements? The travel planning of Reward Hunters is motivated by seeking a reward for the hard work they are doing in their daily lives. They are mainly looking for a mix of luxury, personal health and self-improvement and their travels are often revolved around mental, physical and spiritual enrichment. Reward Hunters are looking for the highest standards of travel and hospitality worldwide.

Understanding tomorrows traveller

Discover the Future Traveller Tribes

Obligation Meeters have their travel choices restricted by the need to be in a certain place at a certain time. The reasons for travelling can be very different – either you have business commitments meeting clients above, you join family gatherings celebrating religious traditions, you are a health tourist receiving specific treatments or surgeries or you are a student attending conferences, seminars or exchange semesters. Most of the times Obligation Meeters will try to arrange other leisure activities around their primary travel purpose.

Are you one of these travellers who constantly post pictures on social media or produce content for your travel blog while you are on the go? Then you are definitely a Social Capital Seeker as you desire a maximal social reward from your travel and like to share your experiences and adventures with others.

Ethical Travellers let their political ideas shape their travel choices, they are aware of the way in which their tourism spend contributes to the economy of their destination, they make concessions to environmental concerns and are conscious about their impact on the world.

This may even lead to opinions that if they cannot offset their carbon footprint, they may not set off to travel. Many airlines have already realized this and offer the possibility to compensate the CO2 emissions people are causing when travelling.

Which traveller tribe do you belong to? Test it now! Asking this question to yourself you realize that you will identify with some characteristics of one tribe and some of another – very few consumers will identify exclusively with all attributes of one single tribe. Thus, it is very important that we understand the various demands of our customers and shape the future of travel together for them!

If you would like to learn more about the six major future traveller tribes and the evolution of a traveller journey, click on the following links.

Future Traveller Tribes 2030 – Understanding tomorrow’s traveller

Future Traveller Tribes 2030 – Building a more rewarding journey


How to Manage Your Daily Routine

In the age of digital technology and growing economy, we all work hard to be able to achieve our goals and to push on our careers. We spend most of our time in the office and feel that we have less free time to spend with our loved ones. This is where the topic of a good work-life balance comes in – a topic often discussed on the corridors and you might already have spoken about it with your colleagues or family.

The compounding stress from a never-ending workday can damage relationships, health and overall happiness. Fortunately, there are many small things you can do to avoid having too much stress and have some extra time available for other activities than just working. Here are a few tips to maintaining a healthy work-life balance:

  • Take a birds-eye view of your life and ask yourself who and what is important for you in life. Schedule time for those activities you enjoy the most and limit time-wasting activities as much as possible. It’s your life and you can only life it once.
  • Set yourself manageable goals and become more efficient with your time. When you face a big project whether at work or at home start by dividing it into smaller tasks. By completing one step after the other you will feel less stressed and you can be proud of what you have achieved daily.
  • Leave work at work: Try to detach from your job when you are off and unplug from your phone. Don’t text at your kid’s soccer game and don’t send work emails while you’re hanging out with your family.
  • You do need some time to relax in order to become more productive in the work hours.
  • You should take care of yourself and your body - it is important to eat well, sleep well and exercise. Sometimes it seems hard to make time for exercises when you have so many other things to do, but you don’t have to become an athletic. Instead, short meditative exercises such as deep breathing may already be a good start to feel better.
  • When you are overworked you need to explicitly tell yourself that what you need to do doesn’t always need to be perfect. Organize your household tasks more efficiently and don’t save all the laundry for your day off. You could also ask someone else to make errands or do some gardening for you.

Besides all the general tips we can follow, a good work-life balance is different for each of us because we all have different priorities and different commitments in life. However, there is one common rule we should all follow: achievement and enjoyment is what makes us happy and satisfied. Thus, our aim should be to achieve something and to enjoy something every day.

LCC Marketing webinars

Sign Up for the New LCC Marketing Webinars

A new year - a new start and three new marketing webinars waiting for you! In 2015 we covered some basic but essential topics such as the correct usage of our LCC brand and corporate identity standards. On your desire, we had an additional webinar on our web2print tool Adkit, which you all found very valuable for your daily business and we recognized a distinct noticeable raise of the used templates in Adkit. We are very happy about this great development! Last but not least we gave you a first impression about viral marketing and social media by the end of the year. All these webinars have been recorded and uploaded to myLCC. Just go to the tag “marketing” and have a look at them again.

What is waiting for you in 2016?

In our first webinar on April 13th we gave you an overview on what is new in regards to the LCC marketing activities for this year. We also wanted to find out during this session how we can further support you in your local markets in regards to marketing.

On August 17th we are covering a new form of approachinig your customer, called Guerilla Marketing. What is this creative and surprising strategy all about and how can you implement it easily in your offices? Are there any Guerilla Marketing actions that you are already doing? Let’s make this also a best practice session with input from as many countries as we can.

The third webinar that we have planned takes place on September 21st gives you an overview on referral marketing and why it is important to get recommendations from your customers and how this must involve also social media platforms.

If you are already thrilled about the topics, you can now register for the three free-of-charge webinars by following the link below:

  1. LCC Marketing Activities: What’s new for 2016?
    Link to recorded session
  2. Guerilla Marketing - Don’t just think outside the box - think guerilla!
  3. Referral Marketing – Consumer trust friends more than brands
CQM Cash Bonus Marketing & Event

Get Your Reward for Your Marketing Activity

Great minds lead to great actions which lead to great success. Same counts for the outstanding marketing activities our LCC in all countries around the world are creating day by day.

From advertisements in brochures, to events organized for special clients. From billboards in the street to leaflets and online marketing – there is so much creativity going on in our network!
These are only a few examples that reached us in 2016 already.

If you have done a marketing or event activity like this, please contact us and send us the pictures so that we can start a best practice series.

Also do not forget to apply for the LCC CQM Cash Bonus Marketing and Local Customer Events and get your cash back of up to €750! Read all the details of this fund in myLCC.

Social media webinar sessions

Are You a Social Media Guru Already?

Flustered by Facebook? Taken aback by Twitter? In a daze over Instagram?

Then look no further: over the summer months, as part of our ‘Expert Tuesdays’ webinars we will offer you a series of seven webinars which will give you a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of social media. From advertising to pictures, from tweets to followers, from target audiences to hashtags, everything is covered in this exciting series.

The importance of an online presence in an increasingly technological world cannot be understated. By participating in these series of webinars you will grow and develop your knowledge of social media, opening doors to a more successful future for your travel agency.

Whether you are a total beginner setting up your first page, or an experienced social media user who wants to strengthen your online brand or branch out to other media such as Instagram and Twitter, these webinars will fit your needs.

The webinars will be conducted by Michael Faber, consultant and tourism managing director at Tourismuszukunft. Michael has

many years of experience within both the tourism and technology industry alongside his admirable qualifications including an M.A in Tourism and a doctorate in “Online-Marketing in Tourism”.

Each webinar will last 45-60 minutes and cost 29 EUR. You will receive an invoice following your registration.

Social Media: The Basics

21.06.2016 (10am and 4pm CET)

Registration Link

Explore the ever-changing world of Social Media and communication and learn how to maximise its potential for your travel agency. Determine the main goals of a travel agency and how to achieve them through expert insight and discussion with other LCC partners.

The Facebook Series: 1. Marketing

05.07.2016 (10am and 4pm CET)

Registration Link

This webinar will allow you to get inside Facebook: learn how its algorithms work so you can use them to your advantage and find out how to access and analyse Facebook statistics. This will be combined this with an in depth knowledge of using paid ads.

Social media webinar sessions

Are You a Social Media Guru Already?

The Facebook Series: 2. Content

19.07.2016 (10am and 4pm CET)

Registration link

Breathe life into your Facebook profile to ensure that you have a successful online presence. Not only will you learn about the different post formats - text, pictures, videos - but also how and when to use each one to achieve different goals and secure optimal results.

The Facebook Series: 3. Advertising

16.08.2016 (10am and 4pm CET)

Registration link

This webinar will effectively guide you through the 15 types of advertising offered by Facebook as well as highlighting the 5 most useful formats for travel agencies. The webinar will include real-life examples of how to create and optimise an online advertisement campaign.

#nofilter: Instagram for Travel Agencies Made Clear

30.08.2016 (10am and 4pm CET)

Registration link

This is not just a question of a simple photo: learn how to optimise your outreach and gain followers through well-constructed posts, effective hashtags as well as tips and tricks for creating the best Instagram photo.

Making 140 Characters Count: Twitter for Travel Agencies

13.09.2016 (10am and 4pm CET)

Registration link

During this webinar you will discover the possibilities twitter has to offer, and how to use twitter’s functions and hashtags to gain followers and raise your online presence. In addition to this, you will gain expert knowledge into twitter’s tools and monitoring system and how to use advertisement on twitter.

Become an Instant Success: Instant Messaging for Travel Agencies

27.09.2016 (10am and 4pm CET)

Registration link

This webinar will guide you through the possible uses of instant messaging and how to unlock their full potential. Different applications dominate different markets, so this webinar’s primary focus will be on Whatsapp, Facebook Business Manager, and a country-specific application such as Line, WeChat or Tango.

We don’t have a choice wether we do social media or not, the question is how well we do it.
Erik Qualman
What is guerilla marketing?

Use the Surprise Effect on Your Customers

In times of budget cuts and economic crisis, we as marketing agents have to find different ways to promote the brand and create customer awareness. One way to do so is using the techniques of Guerilla Marketing.

The term Guerilla Marketing was inspired by guerilla warfare which is a form of irregular warfare and relates to the small tactic strategies used by armed civilians. Many of these tactics include ambushes, sabotage and elements of surprise. Much like guerilla warfare, guerilla marketing uses the same sorts of tactics in the marketing industry.

Typically, guerrilla marketing campaigns are unexpected, potentially interactive, and consumers are targeted in unexpected places, like in public places, street giveaways of products, PR stunts or any other marketing actions intended to get maximum results from minimal resources.

The objective of guerrilla marketing is to create a unique, engaging and thought-provoking concept to generate buzz, and consequently turn viral.

Under the umbrella of guerilla marketing, you will find three specific types:

  • Soul Marketing which is all about emotions and emotional boosting
  • Crea(tive) Marketing which catches the attention of the customer by creativity
  • Provo(cative) Marketing which focuses on campaigns that evoke empathy or hatred

If you are interested in diving deeper into this topic, join our webinar on 17th August 2016 and register already today.

Examples of Guerilla Marketing

LCC Achievements

LCC Khimji’s House of Travel Opens New Location
LCC Khimji’s House of Travel in Muscat has moved its location to Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos, a suburb of Muscat. On January 21st, owner Hrithink Khimji, managing director Klaus Henschel and HE Freiherr von Reibnitz, Ambassador of the Republic of Germany to Oman, cut the ribbon to officially open the new office.
We are sure that with the opening of this newly located office the presence of LCC in Oman will grow stronger and stronger
Klaus Henschel, LCC Managing Director
LCC AltaVia Travel Keeps 1st Place
Outstanding news from Kosovo: Our LCC AltaVia Travel in Pristina was able reach again 1st place in selling Turkish Airlines in Kosovo.

Congratulations on this tremendous success!

LCC Achievements

Postponed Award Ceremony for LCC Steffen’s Reisewelt
During last year’s LCC General Assembly in Portugal LCC Steffen’s Reisewelt from Kehl in Germany won the Economy Award. Since office Manager Axel Steffen could not attend the official awards ceremony, he finally received the well deserved award at the LCC Headquarters in Frankfurt last month in February.
Highest Preferred Supplier Incentive Payment for LCC Abbey Travel
LCC agencies benefit again and again from outstanding agreements between our Preferred Suppliers and the LCC Headquarters. One of our greatest success stories comes from LCC Abbey Travel in Indonesia. LCC General Management was able to congratulate Abbey in person the LCC General Assembly in Portugal in 2015. As the result of a successful steering campaign, a bonus payment of more than € 200.000 was awarded to the agency.

Jubilees and Entries

Our network is filled with unbelievable success stories that we want to share with all of you. Be it a travel industry or an LCC award, a personal achievement that affects the work within LCC, a special cooperation between LCC agencies or any other accomplishment that makes our network so special and one of a kind. We are honoured to have such high-performers within the LCC network and congratulate you for your outstanding effort, courage and skills!
Executive Travel
Algiers, Algeria
LCC member since: 1.1.2011
Asunción, Panama
LCC member since: 1.1.2011
BK 21 Europa
Lisbon, Portugal
LCC member since: 1.3.2011
Broads Travels
Birmingham-Sutton Coldfield, UK
LCC member since: 1.3.2011
Citystate Ardent Travel
Singapore, Singapore
LCC member since: 1.3.2011
Euro Star
Indaiatuba, Brasil
LCC member since: 1.3.2011
Lidam Tour
Buenos Aires, Argentina
LCC member since: 1.3.2011
7CS Seven Seas
Vienna, Austria
LCC member since: 1.1.2006
Brasov, Romania
LCC member since: 1.1.2006
Loacker Business Travel
Koblach, Austria
LCC member since: 1.1.2006
Viaggi Erbacci
Faenza, Italy
LCC member since: 1.1.2006
Stockholm - Sundbyberg, Sweden
LCC member since: 1.2.2006

Jubilees and Entries

Our network is filled with unbelievable success stories that we want to share with all of you. Be it a travel industry or an LCC award, a personal achievement that affects the work within LCC, a special cooperation between LCC agencies or any other accomplishment that makes our network so special and one of a kind. We are honoured to have such high-performers within the LCC network and congratulate you for your outstanding effort, courage and skills!
Philippine World Travel
Makati City, The Philippines
LCC member since:1.3.2006
Arkia Tourism
Tel Aviv, Israel
LCC member since: 1.2.2001
Travel Club
Katowice, Poland
LCC member since: 8.03.2001
Active Tourism
Istanbul, Turkey
LCC member since: 1.1.1996
Ez Travel
Hermosillo, Mexico
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Experience Australia
Sydney, Australia
Tehran, Iran
Pesaro, Italy
Cernobbio, Italy
Sehab Travel
Manama, Bahrain
Reggio Emilia, Italy